This GOP Presidential Candidate Opened Up a Can Of WHOOP On Moderators When They Dared Say THIS!

This GOP Presidential Candidate Opened Up a Can Of WHOOP On Moderators When They Dared Say THIS!

Ted Cruz won the debate last night hands down. The moderators were more interested in having the other candidates attack Cruz than address the issues at hand. Typical. Cruz was having none of it and called out Chris Wallace on it, just as he should of. He even got a light hearted jab in on Trump… threatening to leave the stage if they kept being mean to him. Heh. People seem to have forgotten what a real debate should be. This isn’t it. Each candidate should be given a topic to speak on so you can determine his or her stance on the issues. Not attack one another. That’s more reality TV than substance and it’s tacky.

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From Western Journalism:

After a number of debate questions aimed at Ted Cruz, who stood center stage due to front-runner Donald Trump’s boycott, the Republican presidential candidate fired back at Fox News moderator Chris Wallace Thursday night — apparently mocking his missing rival in the process.

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“Chris,” he said, “I would not that the last four questions have been ‘Rand [Paul], please attack Ted,’ ‘Marco [Rubio], please attack Ted,’ ‘Chris [Christie], please attack Ted,’ ‘Jeb [Bush], please attack Ted.’ Gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, I may have to leave the stage.”

A few moans from the crowd during the complaint portion of his answer gave way to cheers as he indirectly taunted Trump’s protest of the Fox News Channel. Some Twitter users took seriously his threat to walk off the stage, using the line to disparage him online.

Cruz went on to say that “the most important determination” to be made during the debate is which of the choices on stage is most qualified to lead the nation. “That is what this debate is all about,” Cruz concluded, “and I would suggest let’s stay focused on this issue rather than just attacks directed at each other.” I did not like the way Rand Paul or Marco Rubio behaved. It was just vicious towards Cruz. This whole thing just ticks me off. I had long ago turned against Rubio who is an establishment tool. I will never respect Rand Paul again after this… he showed what he was really made of in this campaign and it isn’t pretty. Say what you like, but Cruz is the most presidential and constitutional of the candidates. His only real competition is Trump. Bring on Iowa.

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