Trump is Smeared by the BBC with Insinuations of Nazism, Mockery and Fear Mongering

Trump is Smeared by the BBC with Insinuations of Nazism, Mockery and Fear Mongering

It’s fashionable now for Progressives to call anyone who stands against illegal immigration a Nazi. It’s a monstrous lie. We want our borders closed and our national sovereignty restored. We want the law followed and there is nothing ‘Nazi’ about that. Donald Trump is being viciously smeared by the BBC for wanting to deport all illegal immigrants. Progressives on the right are also going after him. The reports the BBC is using are compiled by none other than the Center for American Progress who is connected at the hip with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. These are the Marxist radicals pulling the long knives out for Trump. But if they think this will stop or even deter him in the least, they are delusional. The BBC is trying its best with an article entitled: “Donald Trump wants to deport every single illegal immigrant – could he?” They are using references to the Nazis, mockery and fear mongering to try and stop The Donald. It won’t work.

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From Qpolitical:

The BBC is to be known to be quite leftist, but implying that Donald Trump is a Nazi?

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That’s too far.

Immigration has become one of Trump’s staple topics and policies which is thought highly of in the republican party. He wants to deport 12 million illegal immigrants, a feat not easily done.

His reasoning behind it is sound, but the leftist BBC is pulling out tactics that are highly unusual, even for itself, in order to garner the support of the masses against Trumps mass deportation idea.

The BBC has been the subject of several investigations concerning it’s willful biased towards the left. The reports they use to attack Trump’s migration policy are done by the ‘Center for American Progress,’ which in of itself is a left-wing organization who has the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (socialists) and is run by a former Hillary Clinton, and Obama employee.

Big surprise there.

The BBC continued in this attack by trying to pull on the heart strings of citizens saying,

“The massive deportation program would have to be done with the support – or at least tacit consent – of the American people, many of whom will have lived or worked with, or befriended and loved undocumented immigrants for years.”

The Propaganda Machine is starting to bang on all cylinders now.

Here comes the big one.

“Would ordinary Americans turn a blind eye while neighbors, colleagues and friends were rounded up and taken away? or would it precipitate mass civil unrest?”

Rounded up was the same term used in news reports in the 40’s and 50’s when discussing the transpiring holocaust.

We do need mass civil unrest. Unrest against the leftist media who refuse to report on the facts, like how immigration negatively impacts the economy and hurts you and me and children.

Check out Breitbart source here.

The report states that: “Based on an analysis for 5 million people, the Centre for American Progress estimates that a mass deportation from the US would cost an average of $10,070 (£6,624) per person. For 11.3 million people, that’s $114bn (£75bn).” The BBC then employs a tactic it rarely uses when it comes to anti-migration stories: citing public opinion. It asserts: “…the majority of US Republican voters disagree with Mr Trump: according to a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center, 56% believe undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay if they meet certain criteria.” That is a blatant lie and is skewed nine ways from Sunday. When writing about Europe’s migrant crisis however, the BBC rarely, if ever, cites opinion polls that reveal how little the wider European public want to welcome migrants or “refugees.” This is selective political propaganda and it is meant as a hit job against Trump. The Leftists fear him a great deal, just as they do Ted Cruz. This is the media and all the vile, evil they can muster to stop a conservative from becoming president.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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