Trump Just Released THIS New Ad – Unleashes MASSIVE Warning To Illegal Immigrants…

Trump Just Released THIS New Ad – Unleashes MASSIVE Warning To Illegal Immigrants…

Donald Trump has released a new ad that puts illegal immigrants on notice that he is coming for them once elected. He is revisiting his initial campaign platform and with him once again is Jas Shaw’s dad, Jamiel. Jas Shaw was gunned down by an illegal immigrant gang member. Trump has promised his father that justice will be served and Jamiel is on the campaign trail for The Donald proclaiming that he loves America and will make her great again.

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From Gateway Pundit:

Donald Trump released a 30 second ad on Illegal Immigration on Friday.

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The ad includes photos of Jas Shaw, a 17 year-old football star, who was gunned down outside his home by an illegal gang member who just got out of prison.

Jas’s dad Jamiel Shaw is supporting Donald Trump for president because he knows Trump will end illegal immigration.

Trump’s campaign released this ad that is focusing on the 2008 murder of a black teenage athlete in Los Angeles by an illegal immigrant. It makes the relevant point that we need to build a wall and stop illegal immigration in its tracks. That is an issue I am all in favor of. The ad is being run in South Carolina currently for the primary on Feb. 20th. Mr. Shaw’s son, Jamiel Jr., 17, known as Jas, was shot dead by an illegal immigrant who, prosecutors said, mistook Jamiel for being a member of an opposing gang because of the color of his backpack. The immigrant, Pedro Espinoza, was convicted and sentenced to death in 2012. The ad is hard-hitting and emotional. It is sure to appeal to Americans who want the law followed and illegal immigration and the refugee resettlement program stopped.

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