Trump May Have Just Gotten His BIGGEST Endorsement Yet… Wow

Trump May Have Just Gotten His BIGGEST Endorsement Yet… Wow

The National Border Patrol Council has just endorsed Donald Trump. This rare statement comes just days after Trump’s team had announced that with him as President the border would be manned by the border patrol and decisions would be made by agents there at the border and not some politician barking orders at them.

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From Breitbart:

The endorsement is the first-ever in a presidential primary for the NBPC. The agents’ statement makes clear that Trump’s public pledge to secure the border by turning to the actual agents in the NBPC is revolutionary and an opportunity never-before-seen and one that may never be seen again. They wrote, “Mr. Trump will take on special interest and embrace the ideas of rank-and-file Border Patrol agents rather than listening to the management yes-men who say whatever they are programmed to say. This is a refreshing change that we have not seen before – and may never see again.”

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The NBPC has been the only voice for nearly 17,000 Border Patrol agents. The organization has served as the only advocacy and defense mechanism for the needs and interests of agents against overwhelming attacks from political groups and special interests opposing a secured border.

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