Trump Stuns Fans, Goes Back on GOP Loyalty Pledge

Trump Stuns Fans, Goes Back on GOP Loyalty Pledge

Trump made the announcement Tuesday that he would no longer be honoring his prior pledge to back any Republican nominee for president that isn’t himself. The concern that this has created is very real. Will division like this among Republicans come showtime, ensure Hillary’s move back into the White House?


From BuzzPo:

When asked if he would honor the GOP “loyalty pledge” he signed lat September, Trump responded “No. I won’t.” He explained he was taking back the pledge because he was being treated “very unfairly” by the RNC, the Republican party, and the “establishment.”

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Cruz shrugged off the question, saying Trump is not going to be the GOP nominee and that a Trump nomination would hand the general election to Hillary Clinton.

Kasich also didn’t say whether he’d stand by the pledge or not, saying “We have a ways to go” and he wants to see how the race plays out.

Some say this was Trump’s end game all along. That he’s never been serious about supporting the eventual GOP presidential nominee unless he’s it. That a third party run has always been in his hip pocket.

Look, whether you love or hate Trump, there is a truth that cannot be denied. Trump has never been the kind of man that would support another whom he has lost to. That’s not his personality. Trump lives to win and in his mind there is no other option. That’s how he has become so successful and pretty amazing at what he does in his career. Which is not a bad thing for business, but as the President of the United States…? Lack of Integrity is not something to take lightly, it has been the very reason we have fallen this far already. Being a man of your word and promoting unity among chaos even if it means sacrificing a little of yourself to do so, is everything.

It is time the American people stop looking at who is right and start searching for what is right.

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