Trump’s ‘Walk of Fame’ Star, Defaced By A Hater, BUT Backfired, Because, You Just Have To See It…

Trump’s ‘Walk of Fame’ Star, Defaced By A Hater, BUT Backfired, Because, You Just Have To See It…

Morons. Somebody graffitied Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a Nazi swastika. They got it backwards for one thing, for another, you can’t even remotely call Trump a fascist. He’s a capitalist. Populism drives Trump’s followers, this is true… but in no way does it come close to Hitler’s rise and rule. It may be a “cult of personality,” but behind that is the desire to see America return to her former greatness. This is grassroots nationalism, not fascistic inspired nationalism. As IJR puts it, “Trump hasn’t rebutted the charges that he’s a closet Nazi who intends to build a master race, purge Jews and other minorities, build concentration camps, or invade and subjugate Europe in his quest for world domination.” There’s all kinds of things he hasn’t rebutted, such as being Santa Claus. Have you ever seen them in a room together? Point made. Why would he even deem to address this silliness?


From Independent Journal:

A Reddit user uploaded a new photo of Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star defaced. It was hosted on the image site IMGUR:

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The black spraypaint appears to show a swastika over the star and the name ‘Donald Trump.’ The Walk of Fame is on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

These haters are totally unimaginative. Plus, their artistry skills simply suck. Just sayin’. I don’t see how you can compare a man who has built a financial empire, employed countless Americans and entertained countless more with a monster like Hitler. A man who rose to power on the promise of global domination through genocide and world war. He butchered millions and tried to conquer the world and you would compare Trump to that? Not even close. He’s being compared to the psychotic despot because he wants to close the borders and vet refugees. That’s not fascist… that’s survival and sane. There is no excuse for people to play this game. It’s ugly, hateful and untrue. As Daniel Greenfield says, “Nazi ideology was an incoherent mess clumsily patched together with militarism. Trying to associate it with anyone who supports protectionism or deporting illegal aliens would make quite a few American presidents “Nazis”.” Trump believes America as a nation state must preserve its economy and sovereignty. That makes him a patriot, not a fascist. Even a moron who paints a backwards swastika on a legend’s star should know that.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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