Washington Post: Voters Should Totally Evaluate Hillary On Her Record, Not Her Name

Oh, wait, the WP Editorial Board is saying this about Jeb! Bush

Jeb Bush is more than a name

“I AM not going to change who I am,” Jeb Bush declared last week, in the run-up to the official kickoff of his presidential campaign on Monday. Mr. Bush couldn’t escape his most glaring personal detail — his last name — even if he wanted to. Yet for all the recent talk of family baggage and a stumbling start to his 2016 effort, Mr. Bush has a good shot at winning the Republican presidential nomination, because he is a strong conservative former swing-state governor, and of winning the general election after that, because he is the Republican presidential candidate who so far seems most interested in actually governing. It is on these and other relevant characteristics — not his name — that voters should judge him.

I’m waiting with bated breath for something similar about Hillary.

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In his Monday announcement speech, Mr. Bush pitched himself as an accomplished executive responsible for a raft of conservative reforms in Florida, his adopted home. “We will get back on the side of free enterprise and free people,” he said. “I know we can fix this. Because I’ve done it.”

Mr. Bush’s record has a lot that many Republicans should like. He cut taxes, slashed the state workforce and enacted a school voucher program. He ended affirmative action at state universities and approved a “stand your ground” justifiable homicide law, a policy that’s appealing to those ideologically committed to expansive gun rights. Mr. Bush has not traded in his conservative card since, though it has meant falling behind the times on issues such as gay marriage, which he firmly opposes.

There are two points to this missive, which seems to actually support Jeb. First, it is meant to bolster his candidacy, because the Conservative base is dead set against him, and would fail to come out to vote for him, similar to Romney and McCain. As the editorial goes on to say, Bush has a big problem with Conservatives, and Republicans, when it comes to his support for amnesty for illegal aliens, Common Core, anthropogenic climate change, and a few other issues. Yes, he has a pretty good record of governance. The other issues are killers. The WPEB wants Jeb to be the GOP nominee, to lose against whichever Democrat is their candidate

The second point is to paint him as a far, far, far right Conservative, so he loses the moderates and those who are tired of the crummy policies of the Obama administration and might otherwise have voted GOP.

Mr. Bush has the time and resources to hone his operation and message. He will have to convince GOP primary voters that conservative governing, not conservative tantrum-throwing, is what their party’s leader should be committed to.

Again, when do we get something similar about Hillary? This editorial actually provided some details on Jeb!’s record. What of Hillary’s? Where is her record? What successes has she had during her time in office?

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