Watch What This Girl Did During ‘God Bless America’ at GOP Debate

Watch What This Girl Did During ‘God Bless America’ at GOP Debate

That moment on live television when u realize “God bless America” isn’t a hand-on-your-heart song. Watch what this beautiful young woman does during the GOP debate when ‘God Bless America’ is sung. It’s priceless. Tell me we haven’t all done something exactly like this at one time or another? She just happened to get caught on camera. I actually missed seeing this. It certainly makes you smile just before the politicians have at it during last night’s CNN GOP debate in Las Vegas.


From IJReview:

Another month, another round of Republican primary debates. The networks are still hosting undercard debates, even as candidates are losing money and flailing in the polls.

But the undercard debate provides a fair amount of entertainment and for Tuesday’s in Las Vegas, we captured it all for you. Enjoy the funniest tweets from the undercard debate:

It started with a song.

Last night’s debate was a good one. I still think Ted Cruz won, but Drudge is showing that it was definitely The Trump Show. I’m good with that. Trump is now so far ahead, I just don’t see how you stop the guy. Back to the girl with the hand over her heart. It was a minor blip and she caught herself, so it is really no biggie. I’m impressed she was at the debate and she looked simply elegant. Social media must have really been digging for something they could laugh at last night. It was an oops moment and trust me, I’ve had far worse.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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