What Republicans Should Learn From Mitch Daniels Failure In Leadership

In an appalling display of spinelessness, Mitch Daniels completely caved when Democrats in Indiana fled the state rather than vote on a union bill. So, how was Mitch Daniels rewarded by the Democrats for his bipartisan, moderate choice to reach across the aisle in the spirit of compromise? Did they all immediately head back to Indiana and tell everyone what a great guy he was?

Not exactly,

Republicans have killed a controversial labor bill that has sparked a Democrat work-stoppage and large union protests at the Statehouse.

But Democrats say that isn’t enough to get them back to the Statehouse.

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The Indiana House resumed at 2 p.m. today although most Democrats were gone and the galleries – which earlier were full of protesters who were applauding and chanting — had been cleared by Republican Speaker Brian Bosma.

…Bauer said the House Democrats realize Republicans won’t let them have their hope: taking 11 labor and education bills taken off the table for consideration this session. But they want more than just the one, the “right to work” measure, that Republicans today agreed to send to a study committee.

“Politics ain’t beanbag,” and if you’re dealing with a weakling, you’re going to take advantage of it. So, if Mitch Daniels crumbles after the Democrats run away, their first thought isn’t, “Wow, how can we reward him for being so compassionate,” it’s “This guy’s an idiot. Let’s keep taking advantage of him!”

Does this mean you never cooperate with Democrats? Not at all. But, when you’re in a position of strength, you use it and you don’t expect any credit for being a nice guy. Nice guys ALWAYS finish dead last in politics, particularly Republican nice guys who’ll be slandered by the media as Hitler-wannabes even while they’re bending over backwards to reach out

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