When It Comes To TSA Groping, Rep. Peter King Thinks You Righties Are Talking Like Left Wing Nancy’s

Usually, one can depend on Rep. Peter King, who has sat on the House Homeland Security Committee and will soon be chairman, to be very sensible, especially when it comes to supporting Conservatives and the War on Terrorism. But, like most people (including me), every once in a while he has to get stuck on stupid: Qaeda the enemy – not TSA screeners

The debate over security scanning and pat-downs has reached such a fever pitch, it seems that people are forgetting that the enemy isn’t the Transportation Security Administration — it’s al Qaeda.

I don’t want my children or grandchildren getting on a plane that’s going to be blown apart in the sky. That’s what this comes down to.

If people have constructive suggestions to make, please make them. But to threaten to shut down the system is irresponsible.

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They are putting people in danger by trying to intimidate the TSA into backing down on their security measures.

Sorry, Pete, but groping Nuns, children, cancer survivors, women with awesome breasts, and people who are as far from being potential terrorists as possible will not protect your family, who, being a sitting Congress Critter’s family, are doubtful to get a groping session from the TSA.

And people have made constructive ideas: you mention a few in your article, such as finally profiling. And, it is not about the body scanners so much (though, these full body scans for Nuns, kids, Grandma Wendy from Wichita with her massive underwire bra, make little sense) as it is about the groping. Wake up, Pete!

As a conservative, I find it disappointing that so many on the right taking issue with the TSA sound like left-wing liberals.

Sorry, again, Pete, but, not wanting to be groped in order to fly is not a right or left thing. You compare this to Rudy Giuliani’s NYC crackdown, but, no, it is not the same by any means. The crime crackdown went after criminals. This virtual sexual assualt goes after ordinary citizens, singled out for no good reason, citizens who are not a threat (though Grandma Wendy might talk you to death).

But for now let’s at least assume that John Pistole and the TSA are well-intentioned and they are doing the right thing based on the information available to them right now.

Now, that sounds more like a Lefty talking point, since Liberals are more about intentions than results. And, I don’t really give a damn if they are “well-intentioned”: they are doing it wrong. And not stopping any Islamic terrorists. Nor would this have stopped the past few attempted terrorist attacks.

Perhaps Pete knows something we are not privy to. Still doesn’t excuse groping kids, Nuns, etc. So, really, Pete, especially after that “sound like left wing liberals” crack, in this case, bite me.

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