Whew! Top 10 Leading GOP Contenders Are Mostly On The “Screw The Climate” Side

Our old pall Lisa Hymas is back to inform us about 10 GOP presidential contenders, 10 different ways to screw the climate. This is a break from her normal hyperbole, typically about being a GINK (green inclinations, no kids), how having kids (known as little carbon footprints) is bad, a focus on population being bad, people being bad….unfortunately, there aren’t enough Warmists/Eco-nuts like Lisa being GINKs, because then that gene pool would be extinct in one generation.

We’ve checked out the leading (or at least famous) hopefuls for the Republican presidential nomination and found that all of them vociferously oppose cap-and-trade systems — including a few who had to flip-flop to get there. On climate science, there’s more variety, ranging from loud denial to muddled semi-denial. Get the dirt on the 10 possible candidates here.

Those 10 are

  • Michele Bachmann (decidedly anti cap and tax, and globull warming Realists. Lisa calls her “Palin without all the baggage”)
  • Haley Barbour (he’s a little squishy on CO2 regulation, but, mostly a Realist)
  • Mitch Daniels (voraciously against cap and tax)
  • Newt Gingrich (he’s definitely squishy, and has been all over the map, but, now he is pandering to the Right. And, yeah, I’ve never been a big fan of Newt)
  • Mike Huckabee (squishy on both globull warming and cap and tax. He’s trying to moderate his stances for his 2012 run)
  • Sarah Palin (while I’m a big fan of Palin’s, she was more in the Warmist camp prior to being a Conservative star. But, hey, maybe she learned what is really going on with “climate science,” and is now a Realist. That happened with me. I used to be a Believer, and then learned the truth)
  • Tim Pawlenty (used to be a Disciple of Gore, but, has changed his stance since 2007. Real or not real?)
  • Mitt Romney (somewhat of a Believer, but, very much against cap and tax)
  • John Thune (One of the best of the bunch: a definite Realist, against cap and tax, thinks the whole globull warming issue is a load of mule fritters)
  • Donald Trump (The Donald is not only a Realist, but, understands the dangers of all the climate legislation and what it would do to our economy. Oh, and he actually has experience being In Charge)

So, those are your 10 GOP contenders who will screw the climate. At this point, I’d usually mention something about the Alarmists failing to live the life they tell everyone else to live, but, really, this is Liberal World, and liberals need someone to not only tell them what to do, but, legislate what they should do. Like the fable lemmings*, they need a strong leader to take them over the edge. They’re followers, who simply parrot what they are told to parrot, and follow. They’re sheeple, and go where the herd dogs tell them to go.

*Lemmings do not really intentionally throw themselves off cliffs. Perhaps Disney will replace lemmings with Liberals next time.

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