Who? Lame Actress Who was Crushed in Debate with Ted Cruz Comes Back for More

Who? Lame Actress Who was Crushed in Debate with Ted Cruz Comes Back for More

This is just lame. Ellen Page, who tried to grab some limelight for herself by attacking Ted Cruz over gay rights and got crushed with his reply, is at it again. This time she went to the Libs at the Daily Beast to whine. May I just say that I’d never heard of this airhead before she started targeting Republican presidential candidates with her weak debating skills and the two brain cells she has left. She’s also dragging Mike Huckabee into this stupid argument of hers. She’s a Canadian who somehow feels it’s her duty to school American politicians on gay rights. She claims she beat Ted Cruz. That’s laughable and absurd. He trout smacked her good and proper. See it here.

Ellen Page

From BizPac Review:

After getting her clock cleaned at an impromptu debate on same-sex marriage with Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair last month, actress and gay rights activist Ellen Page is continuing her argument.

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But this time she’s pushing her cause on a friendlier audience — the left-leaning Daily Beast — and has brought another Republican presidential candidate into the fray — former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“To me, it seems like they’re homophobic people,” she said in a Daily Beast interview published Saturday.

Page, a Canadian national who nonetheless feels it necessary to tell Americans what to believe, also claimed to have bested Cruz in last month’s debate with the Texas firebrand. She didn’t. (Watch it here.)

“I’ve seen multiple videos and read multiple quotes of Ted Cruz discussing gay issues, as well as Mike Huckabee, and it goes exactly as you’d expect,” the actress, best known for her role in “Juno,” said in the interview.

“They don’t answer the question. They say you’re cutting them off when you try to ask the same question again because you’re not answering it, because the reality is that they might be homophobic.”

Or perhaps she just doesn’t like the answers she’s given.

Both Huckabee and Cruz came out in support of Kentucky’s Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Page compared Davis to the segregationists of the Jim Crow South.

“The same religious liberty arguments have been used to discriminate with regards to gender and race,” she said. “It’s not new. That being said, has religion been used for propelling beautiful movements? Of course. But this is not new, and it’s destructive, and it’s sad.”

Actually, what’s sad is that an actress can be bested in debate by a man running for president of the United States, but be given a liberal news outlet to keep spouting her message like it never happened.

Conservatives on social media aren’t fooled, though.

Ellen Page1

Ellen Page2

Name calling is a tactic often used when people run out of facts and logic to support their position, whether the name is Islamophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, or, in this case, homophobe. That fact wasn’t lost on social media users.

Ellen Page3

Ellen Page4

And if Page isc going to start hurling names at Cruz and Huckabee, maybe it’s fair to throw a few back.

Ellen Page5

And then there’s always the First Amendment — not the clause on religion, but the one on freedom of speech.

Ellen Page6

But by far, the best was this huge ego-deflater.

Ellen Page7

This woman is impaired and in love with herself. It’s disgusting. What part of religious liberty doesn’t this moonbat get? No one has the right to force someone else to abandon their faith or what they stand for. Not only did Cruz just annihilate this woman using constitutional principles during their brief debate; he did it while grilling pork chops. Christians are being persecuted for their faith and this dork is blathering on about gays being fired for being transgender. What about Christians going to jail for being forced to violate their Christian beliefs? Or being fined into oblivion because they won’t make a gay couple a cake because of their religious principles? Don’t talk to me about how persecuted gays and transgenders are until you want to give other people their freedoms as well. You can take your militancy and stuff it. What’s-her-name might want to turn her attention to Iran and the Middle East where being gay or transgender is a death sentence and not a talking point. Another small-time liberal actress sinks into oblivion amid her moronic trappings.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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