After Winning Iowa, Ted Cruz Gets Even MORE Good News

After Winning Iowa, Ted Cruz Gets Even MORE Good News

I could not be happier this morning! Ted Cruz resoundingly won the Iowa Caucus last night!! He beat Donald Trump 28% to 24%, with Rubio coming in at 23%. I find the Rubio ranking disturbing, but we’ll see how it plays out. Last night was a first in several ways… Cruz is Hispanic and won, but he also got the most Iowa Caucus votes ever recorded, breaking all records. On the left, it is a virtual tie between Sanders and Clinton. Now we move on to New Hampshire and I have faith in Cruz, although it will be an uphill battle against Trump in that state. Go Cruz!

Ted Cruz Wins

From The Right Scoop:

According to Fox News, Ted Cruz has set a record for the most Iowa caucus votes of any candidate ever!

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So not only does Ted Cruz beat the odds and win, he sets a record for the most votes ever!

How amazing is that!

Per Fox News, roughly 182,000 Republican caucus-goers turned out, with nearly all precincts reporting, breaking the record of 122,000 in 2012. Approximately four in ten Iowans said they were caucusing for the first time. Signs that the 2016 turnout would break records began to emerge even before the balloting sites in Iowa’s 99 counties opened. Lines formed outside the doors, then reports began trickling in about some Republican sites running out of registration forms and ballots and plans to extend hours to accommodate the crowds. Democratic turnout was not available late Monday night. The party’s record is 240,000 in 2008. However, the Democratic turnout at one site in Des Moines — Iowa’s most populated city — was three times larger than projected, with lines wrapping around the block. Party officials predicted a crowd of 160. But 469 people arrived, compared to 402 in 2008. The officials had to switch to a larger venue and add an overflow room. Young voters overwhelmingly backed Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to entrance polls. More than eight in ten caucus-goers under 30 backed the Vermont independent/communist, while Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton won the majority of voters over 45. This is just the beginning and we are off to one hell of a start.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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