Yep, Rubio Just Went There on Trump: ‘You Know What They Say About Men With Small Hands…’

Yep, Rubio Just Went There on Trump: ‘You Know What They Say About Men With Small Hands…’

So childish. I don’t care who’s comparing anatomy to what… whether it is Rubio’s height and big ears, or Trump’s little hands and golden mane. Knock it off. This is just plain embarrassing for America. It’s like watching four year-olds duke it out in the sandbox. Rubio is saying you can’t trust Trump. Well, you certainly can’t trust Rubio either. You know what they say about little male spoiled brats… they never become president.

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From Mediaite:

Donald Trump has been getting flak for his little hands for 25 years. He’s been battling head-to-head with fellow itty-bitty candidate Marco Rubio for about a week.

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Now, it’s all come full circle, my friends, because since Rubio started sanding more erect and asserting himself in this race, he’s been scaring the pants off his rivals and what he said tonight took major…guts.

Yeah, you heard that right. “You know what they say about men with small hands.” Marquito is suddenly offering some stiff — albeit kinda icky — competition.

In fact, Breitbart correctly points out exactly what all of us were thinking when we first heard Rubio’s jab at Trump… it was a reference to his manhood. Just crass. I would never ever vote for Marco Rubio because of immigration. I have my issues with Trump as well, but if he’s the nominee, I’ll vote for him. I’m getting really sick of all the bullying here. It’s trite and boring. Rubio goes after Trump’s hands, manhood and then his spray tan and face… gee, if I didn’t know better, I’d say Rubio is avoiding the issues at stake in this election. Rubio even compared Trump to the tyrant in North Korea: “There is a lunatic in North Korea trying to get a nuclear weapon and a lunatic trying to get a hold of nuclear weapons in America,” he said. Really? That’s ridiculous and Rubio knows it. Once again, I don’t agree with Trump on all of his foreign policy stances, but that’s just silly. Both Trump and Rubio need to stop it. This isn’t attractive and it’s not cute. Grow up already.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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