Europe Shouldn’t Give In To Xenophobia Of Refugees Or Something

The Washington Post’s Editorial Board, which features members who live in neighborhoods which will never see placement of even small numbers of these “Syrian” refugees, is in high dudgeon over the growing rejection of the refugees in Europe

Europe cannot allow xenophobia to overpower its response to refugees

CHANCELLOR ANGELA Merkel of Germany walks a very narrow tightrope in managing the gravest crisis to hit Europe in years. As more than 1 million refugees from Syria and North Africa streamed into Germany in 2015, Ms. Merkel was firm in her resolve to welcome them. “It is important not to follow those who, with coldness or even hate in their hearts, want to claim Germanness solely for themselves and exclude others,” she said in her year-end address.

Ms. Merkel’s instincts have been right, both as a humanitarian response to the tide of misery and as an opportunity to build a stronger Germany. But she faces deep and serious unease in her own political camp over the influx…

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Can someone explain how allowing hundreds of thousands of people who do not speak the language, have few to no skills, and have completely different cultural standards into a country will “build a stronger Germany”? Sure, many may assimilate, but, many won’t, as witnessed by the large number of Muslim communities throughout Europe which gather together in enclaves and live lives completely different from the norms and culture of their host country. There’s little assimilation. They demand that their host country allow them to practice their own laws and customs, which are often in violation and direct contradiction of the laws.

That’s how we end up with the Rotherham rape epidemic.

The WPEB also notes the rising “xenophobia” in Sweden, which is one of the most Progressive/Socialist country’s in Europe, and how they have supposedly shut their borders, which all leads to

However, Germany, Sweden and all Europe should not succumb to rising xenophobia. As long as the Syrian civil war continues, the refugees will keep coming, and European nations cannot seal themselves off. Nor should the United States, which has been deficient in welcoming refugees from Syria. The only way to truly stop the tide is to stop the war. That should be the focus of European and U.S. policymakers in 2016.

Let’s look at a few headlines, shall we?

I could continue on for quite a bit, however, you get the point. Norway is holding classes, which are sadly voluntary, on how to treat women and not rape them. Citizens across Europe in some communities are seeing vast amounts of these refugees placed in their towns. In some cases, the refugees outnumber the original members of the towns, and bring violence, rape, theft, and trash.

Perhaps the people Speaking from their high and mighty towers would be willing to accept these refugees in their own neighborhoods? Yeah, we know they won’t.

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