SUSPICIOUS! Susan Rice REFUSES To Testify On Russian Interference, Now This…

SUSPICIOUS! Susan Rice REFUSES To Testify On Russian Interference, Now This…

Obama’s former Security Adviser Susan Rice is back in the news, this time for refusing to testify next week on Russian interference in the last U.S. election.

Hillary’s Democratic Party openly blamed Russian hackers for Trump’s win in November and if anyone could’ve shed light on the situation it would’ve been Rice, who was Security Adviser at the time of that election.

A letter obtained and printed by CNN shows the grounds that Rice’s lawyer, Kathryn Ruemmler, used to keep her from having to appear in front of the subcommittee.

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“Senator Whitehouse has informed us by letter that he did not agree to Chairman Graham’s invitation to Ambassador Rice, a significant departure from the bipartisan invitations extended to other witnesses,” Ruemmler wrote. “Under these circumstances, Ambassador Rice respectfully declines Senator Graham’s invitation to testify.”

While Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, had originally invited Rice to testify, the panel’s highest ranking Democrat, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, reportedly did not agree. And with that, Rice’s lawyer found an excuse for Rice to not show up and explain herself or the very serious allegation that Russians had interfered with the American democratic process.

As reported in the Washington Examiner, Graham appeared to be concerned not only with the Russians, but with the privacy of citizens.

An unnamed source told CNN that Rice initially thought the invitation had bipartisan backing, adding that Rice saw the invitation as a “diversionary play” to distract from ongoing investigations into Russian interference in 2016.

Graham told CNN on Tuesday that he wanted to ask Rice questions because he had seen reports that she was involved in the “unmasking” of an American citizen who was incidentally surveilled.

“I believe Russia tried to interfere in our election,” he said. “Did the Obama administration try to politicize intel? I don’t know. I’d like to get the answer to both.”

The letter goes on to state that while Rice will not be testifying to the panel, she is “prepared to assist congressional inquiries into Russian election interference because of the important national interests at stake, provided they are conducted in a bipartisan manner, and, as appropriate, in classified session.”

So, she’ll talk, as long as she has almost full control over the time, place, panelists and openness of the session. Real helpful, there, Susan.

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