Washington Post: Trump Fumed Over Mueller Indictments Or Something

Washington Post: Trump Fumed Over Mueller Indictments Or Something

I’ll be honest, these Mueller indictments are something I really do not care about all that much. For one thing, what do they have to do with Russia Russia Russia? These allegations are all from before campaign season, and really have nothing to do with the narrative that “Russia changed the whole election!” Did the Russians keep Hillary from visiting several swing states she needed to win? Or make her insult coal country and call a massive segment of the U.S. population “deplorables”? After all these months, the charges, which may or may not be valid, show that Mueller and team spent their time not finding anything about Russia Russia Russia collusion. And they show that a Special Prosecutor with no specific directed task is simply going on expeditions.

And if John Podesta and his brother get caught up in this? While amusing to have such high profile Democrats get nailed, that would have little to do with the Russia collusion narrative.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post apparently can read minds

Upstairs at home, with the TV on, Trump fumes over Russia indictments

President Trump woke before dawn on Monday and burrowed in at the White House residence to wait for the Russia bombshell he knew was coming.

Separated from most of his West Wing staff — who fretted over why he was late getting to the Oval Office — Trump clicked on the television and spent the morning playing fuming media critic, legal analyst and crisis communications strategist, according to several people close to him.

The president digested the news of the first indictments in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe with exasperation and disgust, these people said. He called his lawyers repeatedly. He listened intently to cable news commentary. And, with rising irritation, he watched live footage of his onetime campaign adviser and confidant, Paul Manafort, turning himself in to the FBI. (snip)

This portrait of Trump and his White House on a day of crisis is based on interviews with 20 senior administration officials, Trump friends and key outside allies, many of whom insisted on anonymity to discuss sensitive internal matters.

None of these “people close to Trump” are named. There are also several instances of unnamed Republicans making doomy sound bites. It’s one thing to use an anonymous source to protect them, it’s quite another to manufacture salacious stories using tons of anonymous people that may not even exist. And that’s what this is. The only ones that are named are those who stood strong

“This has not been a cause of great agita or angst or activity at the White House,” said Cobb, the White House lawyer overseeing Russia matters. He added that Trump is “spending all of his time on presidential work.”

This is the problem with the media: they make allegations and pronouncements and such, but do not back it up with names. Are we just supposed to believe this without proof? Well, yes, in their world.

Initially, Trump felt vindicated. Though frustrated that the media were linking him to the indictment and tarnishing his presidency, he cheered that the ­charges against Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, were focused primarily on activities that began before his campaign. Trump tweeted at 10:28 a.m., “there is NO COLLUSION!”

But the president’s celebration was short-lived. A few minutes later, court documents were unsealed showing that George Papadopoulos, an unpaid foreign policy adviser on Trump’s campaign, pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the FBI about his efforts to broker a relationship between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The case provides the clearest evidence yet of links between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.

Which is also a bunch of mule fritters. Padadopoulos tried and tried and tried to set up meetings, and was constantly shot down by Team Trump. He was a low level advisor. Oh, and there was no criminal collusion. It’s, get this, not against the law to talk with people from other countries. And in this case, this doesn’t even show non-criminal collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials, just one person who wanted to show he was awesome to the Trump campaign.

Remember, most of the same people who are going on about this, are the same people who defend Hillary and her server along with selling U.S. uranium to Russia.

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