Larry King Agrees Sarah Palin Should Pose For Playboy, Leftist Women’s Groups Outraged

Did I say outraged? Sorry, I meant “mostly silent”: Larry King gets flak for Palin comments

On Tuesday night, CNN’s Larry King had comedian Sarah Silverman on his program and, towards the end of the show, Silverman made a crack about whether Sarah Palin should pose for Playboy. Silverman said “I think she should go for it” and King responded, “Agreed.”

As might be expected, the comment has irked some.

Lulu Flores, president of the National Women’s Political Caucus, told POLITICO that King’s comments were, “waaaaayyy inappropriate.”

Other than the NWPC (which says it is bipartisan, but is heavily concerned with “reproductive rights” and other left wing causes), most who criticized King were Conservatives. No complaints of the blatant sexism inherent in the remarks. But, then, hey, nobody watches CNN in the first place, so, how would they know? They are all watching Fox News.

Just imagine if something like that had been said about…………well, this is embarrassing. I can’t actually think of a Democrat with the same standing as Palin that would be a candidate for Playboy. So, maybe this isn’t a big deal (it isn’t), and was more of a compliment from Silver and King (?)

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