PJM: Does Sarah Palin Lead The Tea Party Movement?

There’s a lot of talk about who is and is not in charge of the Tea Party movement. Most of what passes for insight from the mainstream media is utterly bogus. They simply cannot comprehend the phenomenon or the motivations of those involved.

I write about it for Pajamas today. Here’s a snippet:

People who talk about a tea party leader have no experience with tea parties. If they did, they’d realize the notion of a tea party leader or someone “hijacking the movement” would be absurd.

Tea party participants aren’t as recalcitrant and generally grumpy as Ron Paul followers, but they’re close. And while less conspiratorial than the Paul followers, they’re certainly more ticked off.

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Jim Geraghty summed it up on Twitter this week: “Trying to direct & control the tea party movement is like trying to unionize the hitmen in Grosse Pointe Blank.”

Also from Pajamas, Bill Whittle produces the single best explanation for the movement yet. It’s excellent and well worth the 9 minute watch time.

Who does lead the Tea Party movement?

Who leads the Tea Party Movement?
Sarah Palin
Dick Armey
Newt Gingrich
Judson Phillips
Eric Odom
Glenn Reynolds
The people
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