Sarah Palin Considers A 2014 Alaska Senate Run

Sarah Palin Considers A 2014 Alaska Senate Run

Alaska already has one of the nation’s most intriguing 2014 Senate match-ups shaping up.

Sarah Palin and Joe Miller

Sarah Palin and Joe Miller

Grassroots favorite Joe Miller is slated to take on well financed, establishment RINO Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell in what would likely be a bloody primary for the right to take on Democrat Mark Begich in what’s likely to be a hard fought, but very winnable race.

However, Sarah Palin is now considering throwing her Naughty Monkey pumps in the ring.

Sarah Palin opened the door Tuesday to running for Senate next year in Alaska.

“I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it, but I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping that … there will be some new blood, some new energy,” the former governor told Sean Hannity during an appearance on his radio show.

…The Democratic firm Public Policy Polling reported in February that only 34 percent of Alaska voters view her favorably and 59 percent hold a negative opinion. A May survey from Republican firm Harper Polling found that 62 percent of Republicans view Palin favorably and 30 percent view her unfavorably.

Will Sarah Palin actually run? That’s hard to say.

She could raise the money needed, she would have ENORMOUS grassroots support from all across the country and quite frankly, if she wants to be President one day, she probably needs something else noteworthy on her resume. Senator would fit the bill.

On the other hand, her approval numbers in Alaska don’t look great, a loss would hurt her reputation and quite frankly, she may be one of only a handful of conservatives out there who can truly do more for the country outside of D.C.

As a big fan of Sarah Palin, I’d probably rather see her get behind Joe Miller than get into the race herself, but whatever she chooses to do, you can be sure she’ll make a huge splash!

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