Sarah Palin Is A Republican Who Speaks At Tea Party Events Occasionally

Many Sarah Palin devotees seem shocked that Sarah Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina for Senator. They believed Sarah Palin to be representative of the Tea Party–who all endorse Chuck DeVore.

Sarah Palin is first, a Republican.

Sarah Palin has shown loyalty to John McCain and Carly Fiorina is a friend to John. Perhaps she feels it’s only right.

Sarah Palin speaks at Tea Party events and likes certain principles, but by her own admission she does not represent the Tea Party. In fact, she arrived late to the Tea Party–it had been growing and thriving for months before her first speech at an event. She then signed on with Tea Party Express, whom many Tea Party activists view as a Republican organization (as opposed to a grassroots organization) to speak at the anchoring events.

Was it a good political move to endorse Carly Fiorina? Not for Sarah…and maybe not for Carly. This is California, after all, and Chuck DeVore has the Tea Party and serious conservative vote wrapped up. Some have speculated that this endorsement was a desperate move to shore up a failing campaign. Although, it looks like many big donors are going to move in to help Carly because they believe she has the best chance against Barbara Boxer.

Once more, I believe the establishment is wrong. First, they’re misjudging the grassroots sentiment. A Sarah Palin endorsement won’t win Carly Fiorina votes. It just won’t. And it’s condescending and tone-deaf to believe it will. Second, Carly Fiorina is not the best candidate–in the primary or the general.

Anyway, I don’t understand why Sarah Palin felt compelled to endorse in this race. California is messy electorally no matter. The state is a hodge-podge of liberals clinging bitterly to a socialist dream that will never come true. Any Republican Senate candidate is going to have a tough time.

If ever the state could support a good conservative, though, it’s now. The economic and electoral time is right and the Republicans are looking for another moderate team player rather than a “true conservative.”

Sarah Palin calling Carly Fiorina the one “true conservative” who can win the race is ridiculous. What magic ball are the Republicans looking at to make that assertion?

Rasmussen has this:

Fiorina 38% – Boxer 42%
DeVore 39% – Boxer 42%
Campbell 41% – Boxer 43%

Statistically, dead heat and this is BEFORE the candidate wins the primary. Once, Barbara Boxer went head to head with someone like DeVore, she’d be behind in the polls.

If Carly Fiorina wins the nomination, I’ll support her. Obviously. We need warm Republican bodies, if nothing else. What we need more, though, is a Republican with clear values and an understanding of California’s needs and politics generally. Having watched the California Senate primary race, it’s head-scratching that anyone would support a candidate other than Chuck DeVore.

Sarah Palin made her decision to endorse Carly Fiorina for her own reasons–but they can’t be because she believes that Fiorina is the only conservative who can win. That’s just nonsense. And it sounds like the kind of nonsense that said that Marco Rubio needed to wait–he couldn’t win. Well, guess what?

Establishment money is about to pour into Carly Fiorina’s campaign. So, Chuck is going to have to win the old-fashioned way: grassroots money. Click here to donate.

After this endorsement, no one can say Sarah Palin is a purist. I’m not sure they can say she’s a pragmatist either.

Either way, the more Sarah Palin followers see her realistically: as a Republican politician, and not as some sort of potential savior, the better. She is human. She is imperfect. She shares an optimistic conservative message and she has done tremendous work raising money.

She disappointed some people today. It was bound to happen.

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