Sarah Palin: People Need To Stop Saying There’s No Way She’ll Do…..

The only thing predictable about Sarah Palin: The revulsion she inspires by those “in the know”. The whole schtick is tiresome. For months, now, Palin’s demise has been foretold in ominous tones and what amounts to cluck-clucking church gossip.

Sarah Palin is still here.

And she’s going to be around. And she can run in 2012 if she wants to. And she will get the nomination if she beats everyone else running. And that is entirely possible.

People may not like it. They may predict that she can’t do it for this or that reason. But nothing is off the table. And so far, nothing, besides some really successful Fox TV specials and a Discovery-Channel kind of Alaska documentary are on the table. Oh, and throw in some op-eds (that are smarter than anyone wants to admit). And, by the way, fundraise and show up at big Republican conferences.

David Carr of the New York Times wrote a begrudgingly admiring yet subversively nasty article:

Instead, she quit her day job and proceeded to become a one-woman national media empire, with the ratings and lucre to show for it.

With its tales of uplift and pluck, “Real American Stories” trades in the kind of easy sentimentality that provokes eye rolls among those of us who work in media while quickening the pulse and patriotic ardor of almost everyone else. At the beginning of the show, Ms. Palin promised that it would “reaffirm our pioneering spirit and unmatched generosity, here and around the world.”

And so it did, with two million people tuning in. It featured a young man with cerebral palsy who was inspired to walk by the love of a dog, a millionaire who financed the college educations of legions of underprivileged youngsters, and a soldier who died to save his brothers in arms. (LL Cool J’s interview was withdrawn after he complained that it was going to be used in Ms. Palin’s show, proving that not everyone was in the reaffirming mood.)

“It’s not the kind of thing that’s going to excite you guys on the East Coast, but everyone else is dying to hear stories like these,” said one of her representatives who was not authorized to speak on the record but was authorized to slam the East Coast.

Let me just encapsulate it for you: How can someone so stupid do so well?

Newsflash: She’s not that stupid.

And when she lines up against other politicians, we’ll see how she does. It will be interesting to contrast.

Don’t you just want to see her debate health care with Mitt Romney? I know I do.

So while Sarah Palin may hold off for a few years on the whole Presidential thing. Then again, she might not.

She’s blazing her own damn path. And that path is not going off aimlessly into the Alaskan wilderness. It’s going somewhere only she knows.

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