The Left Wishes Sarah Palin Wasn’t

Wouldn’t it be nice if no one was pushing back against the leftist, state-growing agenda? It would be bad for America, but great for Democrats. It would be bad for America, but great for establishment Republicans. I bet John McCain really wonders about what he’s wrought.

You know what’s driving the left nuts right now? People see Sarah Palin and are thinking, she’s looking a heck of lot less risky now that we’ve seen President Obama in action for a while. She sounds strong. She speaks with conviction. She might have an Alaskan twang, but her message is clear.

Here’s the money quote from the LaTimes post about Palin:

Saturday night Palin’s book bus swung by a mall in Roanoke, Va., a state Obama won a year ago but just recently elected a Republican governor to replace departing Tim Kaine, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The former Alaska governor wanted to greet the hundreds of fans already lining up in 39-degree weather for her Sunday morning signing.

“She brings out a different crowd,” Salem Republican Party Chairman Greg Habeeb told the Roanoke Times. Habeeb was struck by the numerous non-Republicans he spotted in the line snaking all over the mall. “She taps into something that the Republican Party really needs to tap into.”

It’s not clear whether Sarah Palin can overcome the misgivings many feel about her, but it’s clear that she can drive the debate. The left would like nothing better than a silent majority. With Sarah Palin giving voice to the frustration and alienation many feel from the political class, the majority is a lot less silent.

Sarah Palin is just what America needs for that reason alone.

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