Weekly Wrap-Up: Couric, Palin, DOJ, Prop 8, Pelosi, August Surprise, Republicans ….

There are a couple stories that happened this week and I didn’t get to write a post but here are some thoughts:

Regarding Katie Couric making fun of Sarah Palin. What immediately comes to mind is the idea that we hate what we fear. More specifically, we hate what we fear are our own weaknesses. Katie Couric has been made fun of for her own lack of intelligence. And, in fact, the former cheerleader doesn’t strike me as very bright. In fact, she seems ambitious and hard working, and maybe even scrappy and kind of mean, but not innately intelligent. She strikes me as average. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But I would suspect that a great deal of insecurity follows an average person who has achieved so much–and maybe only achieved so much because of her gender. That is, it is likely that had Katie Couric been a man, she would be a mid market, middle aged newscaster at best. Anonymous and forgotten at worst. So, it’s possible, that while not a conscious thought, perhaps Katie Couric’s unconscious fears surface when faced with a woman like Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is around Couric’s age. She is neither an Ivy League graduate nor a blue blood establishment type. She is a child of teachers. Worked to get scholarships. She’s admired for her beauty. Some believe that were she a man, no one would pay much attention to her on the world stage (liberals almost certainly believe this–I think they’re wrong). In any case, many of the same criticisms lobbied at Palin could be lobbied at Couric. This all makes Couric look weak, petty, insecure and immature. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin continues to drive the narrative while Katie Couric sits on a network on decline.

Regarding the Great Bamboozler: Ace talks about how President Obama uses racial language, meant to stir angry sentiment. Well yes. This has been President Obama’s M.O. since before the election. His references to not looking like the guys on the dollar bills, etc. Race. Race. Race. But then, all his talk is trying to inspire white guilt and affirm, subtly, the grievance mentality. I’m glad Ace calls him out.

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Department of Justice giving money awards to political friends. Surprise, surprise! The politicized DOJ is rewarding friends and punishing political enemies. You know how you’re pretty sure that screeners at the airport take perverse pleasure in tormenting you? It’s like a whole group of angry dentists run amok. Yeah, well, that’s the DOJ under the Obama administration. They are going to right every wrong and stick it to their enemies and be vicious.

Prop 8 Ruling in California: I will defer to Stacy McCain:

Here we arrive at the tautology at the heart of the problem: The elite are your superiors because they are the elite. Whatever beliefs and attitudes prevail among the elite enjoy a privileged status that no non-elite person is permitted to question without being judged to have demonstrated his inferiority. Such judgments are embued with terrifying power through the elite’s control of academic, cultural, political and legal institutions.

Judge Walker belongs to that part of the elite empowered to impose its beliefs and attitudes as a matter of law, and is therefore understandably praised by elite power-worshippers. The fact that such power effectively disenfranchises a majority of Americans – negating the authority of elected representives at all levels of government – is inarguable. We have lost not merely a district court ruling, but everything for which the patriots of 1776 took up arms, most especially including the Rule of Law.

Should Gay Marriage be ruled by fiat over the sentiment of the citizen, the disenfranchised masses will add this to the list of ways that the government treats them as worthless dung. If there is a citizen-lead revolt, those at the top have themselves to blame.

Tea Parties And Black People: If there’s one thing Tea Party folks are aware of, it’s that the MSM will try to portray them as racist. If there’s one person Tea Partiers respect, he’s the black man or woman willing to brave the racist, evil statements coming from the MSM, friends and in some cases, even family members, to speak the truth. What a road these people travel. They deserve respect not ridicule. And some day, the black Tea Party patriots will be looked at as people of vision and people who saw character and not color and are the very embodiment of Martin Luther King’s vision.

Nancy Pelosi calls members back to Congress “for the children”, i.e. Democrats terrified of facing voters:
The spending bill for Teachers is pure politics. And if President Obama does bring an “August Surprise”, I would submit that this will enrage voters because it’s more of the same: penalizing the responsible and redistributing to the irresponsible (which may or may not be true, but perception is reality.)

Have the Republicans learned anything? No. Not yet.

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