Will Sarah Palin Still Run For Office From A Fox Studio? Will Huckabee?

Will Sarah Palin run for office from a Fox studio? Will Huckabee? Maybe. Could they? The answer, of course, is yes. Will they? Probably.

Some people are taking the news of Sarah Palin ending up on TV as proof that she has no presidential aspiration. To which I respond with the mature, “As if.”

Ex-governor Huckabee is sure as shootin’ running for the Presidency, or was, until the whole cop-killer thing happened. He still might. He believes that America needs him. Bad. And so does Sarah Palin. And so does Mitt Romney. And so does Newt Gingrich. And probably, so does Rick Perry. And Tim Pawlenty. The list goes on and on.

Ed Morrissey believes that Palin might put off her presidential hopes:

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However, a multi-year deal may mean that Palin will wait to run for higher office. She could either go for the Senate or the presidency next, but either way, she’d have to start building a campaign no later than a year from now. Media outlets generally cut off analysts when they start building campaigns to avoid the necessity of giving opponents free air time for responses. A multiyear deal doesn’t preclude the possibility of entering into a campaign in 2011, but it indicates that Palin isn’t yet envisioning such a step.

That’s not necessarily a bad idea anyway. Palin is young and has plenty of opportunity to run for office, with 2016, 2020, and 2024 all being very realistic for her in terms of presidential campaigns. The Fox appearances will give her an opportunity to hone her craft while keeping expectations in check. Taking her time would be a smart move, and at least since her resignation from office, Palin has been making a series of smart moves.

Well. Time will tell. There is also something to be said for striking while the iron is hot. And right now, Sarah Palin is THE counter balance to Barack Obama. All of the other aforementioned folks wouldn’t be paid attention to at all if they operated like Sarah Palin and communicated via Facebook. And four years could turn into eight or even twelve years if the next president is Republican and I think he or she will be.

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