2012 VIDEO: Ben Carson Shows He’s No Fan Of ‘Fairy Tale’ Big Bang Scientific Theory

Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist, so it’s not a great surprise that he isn’t a fan of the Big Bang theory (the actual scientific theory; he might like the TV show just fine).

But in a 2012 video which has resurfaced, Carson is fairly outspoken about his criticism of the Big Bang

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Ben Carson once denounced the Big Bang theory as a ‘fairy tale’ and branded Darwin’s theory of evolution the work of the devil.

In a speech to his fellow Seventh-Day Adventists in 2012, Carson dismissed the possibility that the ‘perfect’ universe could have been created simply by a ‘gigantic explosion’.

The neurosurgeon, a notable creationist, said the theory was ‘ridiculous’ and a story pushed by ‘high-faluting scientists’.

Carson also told the audience at the event, called the Celebration of Creation, that many scientists do not believe in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution but are too afraid to speak out.

He cited Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein as scientists with a profound faith in God.

He said: ‘I personally believe that this theory Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary [Satan] and it has become what is scientifically, politically correct.

Carson is likely to take an enormous amount of abuse on the campaign trail from the Big Bang video and another from the same speech in which he calls the Theory of Evolution the work of the devil…

…but two things are true. First, his reasoning is not unconventional in the sense that the critiques he offers of Big Bang and evolution are those which have been made by other scientists who don’t necessarily share a creationist view. And second, Carson’s beliefs are driven by his faith as are those of a significant portion of Americans.

In other words, he’s going to be made to seem out of the mainstream for having made the speech in question – but he’s hardly as wacky as he’ll be portrayed.

At least Carson isn’t on the record defending the chopping-up of newborn babies in order to sell their body parts, as more than 40 Democrat Senators are after yesterday’s vote. Now THAT’S an extreme view!

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