NASA Admits: There IS Water Flowing on Mars! Now is There Life?

NASA has released news that there is flowing, briny water on Mars and now speculation that there is at least microbial life on the Red Planet is running rampant. But speculation aside, it is amazing to find actual water on another planet.

This is pretty big news for science and for space enthusiasts.

Right now, 140 million miles away, somewhere on the frigid surface of Mars, there is water forming. Scientists announced they have strong evidence that briny water flows on the planet, a critical step toward identifying possible life on Mars.

“Water is essential to life as we know it,” wrote Lujendra Ojha, Mary Beth Wilhelm, and their co-authors in a paper published Monday in Nature Geoscience. “The presence of liquid water on Mars today has astrobiological, geologic and hydrologic implications and may affect future human exploration.”

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If this announcement, which NASA billed as “major” in the days leading up to it, sounds not altogether new, it’s because scientists have been obsessing over the water on Mars for decades. (The sight of ice volcanoes on Pluto this summer had scientists similarly elated.) Astrobiologists have long suspected that Mars was at least partially covered in water at one time—markings on the planet indicate the presence of ancient streambeds. A billion years ago, scientists believe the planet may have had a roiling, primitive ocean. Meandering formations on the surface of Mars suggested water flowed on the planet for a geologically significant period of time. Long enough, perhaps, to have sustained bacteria or other simple life forms.

Pretty cool.

And this…

“Mars is looking more and more—it’s a potential habitat, extant from Earth,” Green said. “The resources are there.”

So, what is the difference between Mars and California? Mars has no Democrats but it does have water!

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