Study Correlates Opposition to Homosexual Agenda With Mental Illness

For thousands of years homosexuality was acknowledged as a form of disease. For example, it was listed as a mental illness in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual until political pressure from the Left resulted in it being removed in 1973. In the absence of effective resistance, this political pressure has only increased, to the point that now it is the healthy who are considered diseased:

A new study purports to show that those who hold traditional views about marriage are psychotic. …

The study by Giancomo Ciocca et. al., “Psychoticism, Immature Defense Mechanisms and a Fearful Attachment Style are Associated with a Higher Homophobic Attitude,” was published in the September 2015 issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

It claims to find that “homophobia” is associated with psychosis and other forms of mental illness.

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The study, however, operationalizes both the dependent and independent variables (what is being explained and what explains), homophobia and psychosis, such that anyone who holds a Christian worldview will be labeled both psychotic and homophobic. So, unsurprisingly, the authors found a correlation. …

Anyone with traditional views of sex and marriage is labeled a homophobe while on the explanatory side of the study a Christian worldview is labeled psychotic.

Silly, politicized crap will increasingly pass for scientific research, the more dependent researchers become on Big Government for funding.

In an interview with, Emmanuele A. Jannini, chair of Endocrinology and Medical Sexology at the University of Rome, said “we have the final proof” that homophobia is a “disease.”

After one obviously flawed study, the debate is over, as Al Gore might bellow.

Scientific integrity is becoming collateral damage in the war on Christianity and traditional values. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that all three are collateral damage in the war on liberty.

For conservative Christians, who are already concerned about their religious freedom, this study justifiably raises alarm bells. The movement for gay marriage previously promoted its cause with the claim that “gay marriage will not affect you.” Over the past two years, however, the message from those activists has been, “gay marriage opponents must go into the closet or risk getting fired or put out of business,” or in Davis’ case, “thrown in jail.”

Using quack science, such as the Ciocca et al. study, to justify further restrictions on the freedom of gay marriage dissenters could be next.

They threw Kim Davis in prison for not submitting to the homosexual agenda. In the future, the ideologically recalcitrant may be incarcerated in mental institutions, as in the Soviet Union.

Christianity isn’t the only thing the liberal ruling class is burning down.

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