Way Disgusting! Scientists Make Tofu From Mealworms

As if regular tofu isn’t disgusting enough, scientists at Cornell University have made that lumpy, white mass famous for being “healthy” out of mealworms. Ugh.

Scientists claim that their experiment is meant to help save humanity from a dwindling food supply.

Crushed up mealworms have the same amount of protein pound-for-pound as an egg and even more than regular tofu. But since the world would never eat something named ‘mealworm-fu’, the Cornell team settled on ‘C-fu’, after the original tofu was made with crickets.

Harvesting mealworms takes an incredibly small amount of space and very little resources. In fact, an area the size of Rhode Island could theoretically feed two billion people.

Yeah. Not sure I am so interested in eating worms.

Warner Todd Huston

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