25 Conservatives Worth Following on Twitter

As you may have heard, Salon put together a notorious article called, “The 25 conservatives actually worth following on Twitter.” The list was mostly populated with Never-Trump conservatives with a few squishes tossed in for good measure. Many people talked about the article, but what I didn’t see was a list of must follow Twitter accounts for conservatives. So, with that in mind, here’s a list of great conservatives to follow on Twitter (mixed in with a few Libertarians because why not, right?).

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1) Julie Borowski: Quirky, wholesome Libertarian goodness! (Yes, I know it’s cheating to put a Libertarian on here, but she deserves it)

2) J. Burton: If Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China were conservative, had a Twitter account and bothered with Tweeting instead of saving the world, this is what it would be like.

3) Dinesh D’Souza: Savage….

4) Larry Elder: The Sage of South Central is as great on Twitter as he is on the radio…

5) Inez Feltscher: Savage, blonde & anti-feminist.

6) Frank J. Fleming: Funny and….nah, I’m just going leave it at funny.

7) Jonah Goldberg: Conservative intellectualism mixed with wackiness and dog tweets.

8) Greg Gutfeld: Fun. Funny. Weird. Famous. #gutfeldinfourwords

9) Ben Howe: If dry humor mixed with Never-Trumpism is your bag, Ben’s your guy.

10) David Limbaugh: Smart, solid and socially conservative.

11) Dana Loesch: You could read her feed just for the hate mail.

12) Bethany Mandel: Seems mildly pissed off in an entertaining way 😉

13) Stephen Miller: Sharp as a razor blade and he once bought a ticket to an all-female screening of Wonder Women just to piss off feminists.

14) John Nolte: Only SLIGHTLY rabid when it comes to the media.

15) Cloyd Rivers: Goofy, funny, Merica.

16) Glenn Reynolds: The Libertarian link king brings his A-game on Twitter.

17) The Safest Space: A curator of liberal lunacy.

18) Kurt Schlichter: Spends his days savagely mocking liberals with the sort of brutal precision you’d expect from a high powered lawyer who used to be an Army Colonel.

19) Ben Shapiro: A quote machine who occasionally takes time off to scare liberals at Berkeley.

20) Steve Stockman: Former Congressman. Current Twitter news machine.

21) Kat Timpf: She has a good sense of humor and the best fans who say the nicest things!

22) Donald Trump: You can argue about how conservative Trump is, but you can’t argue that he has  the most important Twitter account on Earth.

23) Matt Walsh: Brass knuckled Christianity.

24) Yes, Margaret? Fun and edgy, despite the fact she’s Canadian!

25) Kathy Zhu: Young, edgy & unapologetically conservative.

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