The 60 Best Conservative Blogs For 2012 (6th Annual)

60) The Mental Recession (No link because I am getting a virus warning when I go there today)
59) Polipundit
58) Jihad Watch
57) This Ain’t Hell
56) Hugh Hewitt
55) Patterico’s Pontifications
54) Moe Lane
53) Counter Cultured
52) Wizbang!
51) Maggie’s Farm
50) Gay Patriot
49) Creative Minority Report
48) Conservatives4Palin
47) Five Feet of Fury
46) American Glob
45) Doubleplusundead
44) Fire Andrea Mitchell
43) The Jawa Report
42) Nice Deb
41) Protein Wisdom
40) The Foundry
39) QandO
38) American Power
37) Tim Blair
36) The People’s Cube
35) I Own The World
34) the Hyacinth Girl
33) The Mellow Jihadi
32) YidwithLid
31) Power Line
30) The Other McCain
29) The Lonely Conservative
28) Pat Dollard
27) Jammie Wearing Fool
26) Riehl World View
25) Bookworm Room
24) Dr. Helen
23) Weasel Zippers
22) Andrew Malcolm
21) The Right Scoop
20) Althouse
19) Vox Popoli
18) Atlas Shrugs
17) IMAO
16) Rachel Lucas
15) Legal Insurrection
14) Moonbattery
13) The Corner
12) Michelle Malkin
11) Liberal Logic 101
10) Redstate
9) Naked DC
8) The Campaign Spot
7) Newsbusters
6) Twitchy
5) Ace Of Spades HQ
4) Breitbart
3) Gateway Pundit
2) Instapundit
1) Hot Air

PS #1: This was a really difficult list to judge and there are some very good blogs that I read every week that didn’t make the list.

PS #2: Sometimes the line between blog and website was a little blurry. For example, I decided Townhall, Patheos & Lifenews among others weren’t blogs and were thus ineligible.

PS #3: I decided that in order to be fair, I couldn’t add Pajamas Media, where I write columns or TPNN and Dustin Stockton where I blog. Of course, Linkiest and The Looking Spoon had to be ineligible. Furthermore, it didn’t seem proper to include any of the bloggers who semiregularly blog for RWN which meant a number of phenomenal blogs like Ali Akbar, Conservative Compendium, D, S & P Magazine, Doug Ross, Wintery knight, Ed Driscoll, Blue Crab Boulevard, The Shark Tank, Wyblog, House of Eratothenes, Intellectual Conservative, Likelihood of Confusion, Sunshine State Sarah, The Right Mixx, Texas Sparkle, Pubilus Forum and Pirate’s Cove were out.

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Correction: QandO was listed twice in the #39 and #44 slot. Fire Andrea Mitchell should have been #44. That has been corrected.

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