The Top 10 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episodes

Admittedly, Aqua Teen Hunger Force isn’t a conservative show or everyone’s cup of tea. Heck, most of the time it doesn’t even make sense. But, what can I say? It’s funny, I like it, and enjoy the top 10 episodes of all-time (Summaries cribbed from Wikipedia and TV Rage. The videos are from Adult Swim Video):

10) Episode Title: Monster
Season: 7

Summary: Meatwad is afraid to sleep in his own room because he’s convinced a monster is waiting in his closet. Frylock tries to prove there is no monster while Master Shake tries to trick Meatwad into hiring him as a professional monster catcher.

9) Episode Title: Sirens
Season: 5

Summary: A trio of Sirens (Chrysanthemum, The BJ Queen, and John Kruk) move into the Aqua Teens’ house and catch Carl’s interest.

8) Episode Title: The South Bronx Parasite Diet
Season: 3

Summary: Meatwad and Carl compete to see who can lose the most weight. Carl wins after eating a special candy bar with surprise ingredients. Meatwad can’t stand a balanced diet and simply gains more, and Master Shake pleads to be part of the bet and eventually becomes a husk of his former self via vacuum cleaner.

7) Episode Title: Ol’ Drippy
Season: 1

Summary: A mess Shake leaves in the kitchen produces a living organism, Ol’ Drippy. Drippy is very kind to the Aqua Teens and always cleans up their messes at Carl’s house. Shake remains ungrateful throughout the whole episode, even after Drippy saves his life.

6) Episode Title: The Shaving
Season: 2

Summary: As the Aqua Teens are preparing for their Halloween night, a monster named Willie Nelson arrives from the attic. After Shake sees how wimpy Willie is, he tries to train him to be a scarier monster. Meanwhile, Shake and Carl pranked eachother back and forth, but Willie scared the hell out of them all when they saw the attic full of dead bodies, organs, etc.

5) Episode Title: Dumber Dolls
Season: 1

Summary: Frylock buys Meatwad a new doll named “Happy Time Harry”. It turns out that the doll is a depressed, cynical, suicidal, knife-wielding, drug-addicted alcoholic who makes Meatwad as depressed and cynical as he is

4) Episode Title: Broodwich
Season: 2

Summary: Sent by Frylock on a bogus treasure hunt, Shake falls into a hole and discovers a sandwich from hell; the Broodwich. Tempted to eat it, Shake finds it to be the best sandwich he’s ever eaten; and though each bite reminds him of his fate, he still can’t resist. However, he picked off the sun-dried tomatoes, and was tricked into getting brain surgery and forced to eat them.

3) Episode Title: Bible Fruit
Season: 5

Summary: Frylock decides to invite his MySpace friends over for the evening. Much like the Aqua Teens and to Frylock’s surprise, their MySpace avatars are actually photos and they too are anthropomorphic food. A meth-addicted mango, an abused tangerine, and an alcoholic Banana all find Jesus, but revert back to their ways after meeting the Aqua Teen

2) Episode Title: Shake Like Me
Season: 6

Summary: Master Shake is bitten by a radioactive black man and becomes black. Boxy Brown trys to make him a super star.

1) Episode Title: Ezekial
Season: 4

Summary: Master Shake takes on the most important role of his life–that of a father. However, as with most things, Master Shake attempts to take advantage of the situation and becomes the proverbial “hockey-dad.”

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