The President’s Presser Proves He Just Doesn’t Get It !!!

On Election Day the American People sent Barack Obama a message, unfortunately he wasn’t listening. During his pres conference yesterday, he looked contrite (actually he looked as if he was passing a kidney stone), clearly he indicated either he didn’t hear, didn’t have a clue, or didn’t care what the voters were trying to tell him.

During his post-election presser the POTUS said:  the country had made progress over the past two years. But, “Clearly, too many Americans have not felt that progress. Yesterday, they told us that.”As president, I take responsibility for that.”

He spoke about the need to go back to “changing the way things are done in Washington,” but made some of the same trite sound bites he has made of the past few months.:  He even found a way to include an observation that his criticism had something to do with the fact that he “has a strange name and has lived in lots of places.”

Over and over the President was asked the same question in different ways. Was yesterday’s vote a rejection of the Obama Agenda.:  Over and over he tapped danced around directly answering the quest, but simply finding a way to steer his answer to fixing the economy.:  Yes the economy is part of the problem, but America voted to change direction.

On health care he says that “We would be misreading the election if we thing that most Americans want to re-litigate the discussions of the past two years.” That is simply not true. According to the exit polls only 16% of Americans want the bill to stay as it:

Forty-eight percent support canceling the changes that the Obama administration and Congress made to the health care system. Thirty-one percent say they want the new health care law expanded, and just 16 percent say they want to leave the laws as is.

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell says his polls did not indicate that the economy was the decisive factor, health care was. Among Democrats who favored repeal 36% voted Republican, among independents who favored repeal 86% voted GOP. Caddell explained that the President doesn’t understand that the American people see Obamacare as a “crime against democracy.”

The public voted against big government last night,:  56 percent told exit pollsters that the government is doing too may things better left to business and individuals, the President paid lip service to understanding that demand but no one asked him to reconcile that stance against his desire for “green jobs” and maintaining Obamacare. He did hint that the EPA will continue its move to regulate green house gasses.

Perhaps the most telling exchange of the entire press conference was between the President and Savannah Guthrie

Q: : :  Would you still resist the notion that voters rejected the policy choices you made?

THE PRESIDENT::  Well, Savannah, I think that what I think is absolutely true is voters are not satisfied with the outcomes. If right now we had 5 percent unemployment instead of 9.6 percent unemployment, then people would have more confidence in those policy choices. The fact is, is that for most folks, proof of whether they work or not is has the economy gotten back to where it needs to be.:  And it hasn’t.

In other words, the President is so out of touch that he didn’t realize he said that people would have more confidence in his policy choices if they worked!!! Exactly Mr. President, your party got creamed yesterday is that your policies don’t work.

According to Politico, there are people in the White House who are worried about Obama’s response to the election loss.

Obama has had weeks to brace for the worst, unlike Clinton, who was blindsided by the ’94 results. But some of Obama’s allies fear he will take Tuesday’s results too much in stride. That perception was fueled by Axelrod, who told a gathering of Democrats earlier this week that he didn’t interpret Tuesday’s expected debacle as a rejection of the president.

“I’m not sure [Obama] gets it yet,” said one person close to the president.

Indeed he doesn’t.

Last night when asked about today’s presser I predicted:

If Obama tells America that he “got the message” look for him to attempt to make a Bill Clinton-type pivot.:  However it’s very doubtful that this President has a mea culpa in him. : Should the POTUS simply talk about the end of bi-partisanship (which he is expected to do) and that he looks forward to working with the GOP on his agenda look for Chicago politics as usual. Even if he plays nice with the: Congress, chances are he will shove through his agenda via executive fiat (for example cap and trade via the EPA). This path which he is expected to take will turn off America even further.

Don’t forget part of the public’s disillusionment with the progressive Democrats was they didn’t listen to the people. Should the President not acknowledge the public spanking he: received, the 43% approval ratings he now has will be the high point the last two years of his first and only term

Clearly the President showed that he was deaf to the message American people tried to send him on Election Day and clearly the next two years are going to be very difficult for America.
Jeff Dunetz is editor of the Political Blog The Lid, a contributor to American Thinker, Big Government,Big Hollywood,Big Journalism, and Big Peace.

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