CHANGE OF HEART: ESPN To Air Nat’l Anthem Followed By Moment Of Silence For Vegas Monday Night

CHANGE OF HEART: ESPN To Air Nat’l Anthem Followed By Moment Of Silence For Vegas Monday Night

ESPN is using the deaths of 59 people in Las Vegas at the hands of Stephen Paddock as a chance to make things right with their audience.

On Monday Night Football, ESPN decided they would reverse their original decision to cut the National Anthem from live broadcasts. In honor of the victim of the Las Vegas massacre outside of the Mandalay Bay hotel, ESPN will air the anthem live before the Chicago Redskins play the Chiefs in Kansas City.

As well, there was a moment of silence for the victims.

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Before the massacre, ESPN said that they had suspended showing the anthem recently with the exception of the pregame before the Vikings and Saints game that was held on September 11th and another game between the Cowboys and Cardinals after the previous weekend’s “National Anthem statements” that were handed down throughout the league.

So, we know what it takes ESPN to show the anthem: People must die, then they will air the anthem and expect everyone to praise them for the brave decision. Thanks guys.

Back in August, ESPN host Max Kellerman said that he agreed with Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett’s protest of the National Anthem, saying that Bennett was “100% correct” in his belief that white players should show solidarity with black players and protest as well.

Before that, in June of this year, Kellerman said that it was the NFL who was “injecting politics” into the sport by playing the anthem, not Colin “Kneeling for the Flag to Impress my Girlfriend” Kaerpernick. Yes, it’s the NFL’s fault for putting “pressure” on the players to stand for the anthem and it’s the fault of the National Football League for politicizing American Football by playing the American National Anthem at their American Football games. Wherever would they get the idea that it’s appropriate to celebrate America before their games?

Just recently, DirecTV announced that they would refund customers who had purchased their Sunday Ticket package if the reason for the cancellation was over a disagreement with the dozens and dozens of players who were choosing to do anything during the Stars and Stripes besides stand politely, as they had done for decades previously.

On Sunday, October 1st, Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd attending a country music concert on the Las Vegas Strip, murdering at least 59 people and injuring hundreds more before he committed suicide to avoid capture by a SWAT team. Paddock’s father was listed as a “psychopath” by the FBI and was one of their Most Wanted, and the investigation into Paddock continues.

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