ESPN Compares Jerry Jones To Slave Owner, For Requiring His Players Stand For Nat’l Anthem [VIDEO]

ESPN Compares Jerry Jones To  Slave Owner, For Requiring His Players Stand For Nat’l Anthem [VIDEO]

On the ESPN show Pardon The Interruption, co-host Mike Wilbon decides to go full insanity by comparing the owner of the Dallas Cowboys to a slave owner.

Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas team, has said that players will either stand up properly for the National Anthem before games or they will not be given the chance to play. Usually when you’re being paid millions of dollars every year to play a sport professionally, the team owner has the ability to make a few demands. Especially if they’re demanding that you stop angering the fan base and losing audience members because you, the athlete, are being childish and mixing political protest in with the very positive experience of playing sports for a living.

Wilbon’s segment is subtitled “Cowboys, Dolphins Restricting Protests?” and starts with Wilbon talking about the “large and apparently phony love-in” last week where Jerry Jones linked arms with his team before the anthem. Saying that Jones was limiting players’ rights to express themselves, he complained that both the Dolphins and Cowboys have given guidelines on respecting the flag, with the Dolphins approving of “staying in the tunnel” as long as they stand.

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Wilbon said that he had a “serious problem” that while he understands compromising with his players, he says that the arm-linking was as “phony as a three dollar bill.”

“And the word that comes to mind, and I don’t care who doesn’t like me using it, is plantation. The players are here to serve me… no matter how much I pay them, they are not equal to me.”

It’s news to me that employers asking me to do something is literally slavery!

A few weeks ago Ray Lewis came out on Twitter to say that the reason Colin Kaerpernick had not been signed to the Ravens was because of his girlfriend, Nessa Diab. Diab had posted images on Twitter comparing Ray Lewis and the Baltimore owner Steve Biscotti to a Quentin Tarantino movie about a slave and his master. Lewis said that Diab’s poor decision in comparing Lewis to a slave who loves his owner contributed to the Ravens not signing Kaepernick, because if he keeps company with a woman who thinks all black football players who agree with their white coaches and team owners are just like slaves, then the Ravens do not want that kind of toxicity in the locker room and on the field.

Here’s the video from the full episode of Pardon the Interruption, starting at 7:35 where things start to focus on Jerry Jones:

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