ESPN Gives Reason For Removing Asian Sportscaster With Confederate General’s Name

ESPN Gives Reason For Removing Asian Sportscaster With Confederate General’s Name

Just recently, the lefties at ESPN pulled announcer Robert Lee from calling a Virginia football game in September due to the fact that he shares his name with the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee.

Recently, protesters have been petitioning to knock down statues of Gen. Robert E. Lee and ESPN expressly pulled announcer Robert Lee because of the association of his name. Nevermind that Robert Lee is Asian-American… and now we have the reason given for why exactly his name means trouble.

A letter from an ESPN executive was posted by Yashar Ali on Twitter.

This wasn’t about offending anyone. It was about the reasonable possibility that because of his name he would be subjected to memes and jokes and who knows what else. Think about it. robert Lee comes to town to do a game in Charlottesville. The reaction to our switching a young, anonymous play by play guy for a stream ACC game is off the charts – reasonable proof that the meme/joke possibility was real.

So, when the protests in Charlottesville were happening, we raised with him the notion of switching games. Something we do all the time. We didn’t make him. We asked him. Eventually we mutually agreed to switch.

No biggie until someone leaked it to embarrass us an him. They got their way.

That’s what happened.

No politically correct efforts. No race issues. Just trying to be supportive of a young guy who felt it best to avoid the potential zoo.

Okay, so here’ my biggest problem with this: ESPN is implying that this was Robert’s idea. They “asked” him and “eventually” they “mutually agreed” to switch Robert off of the Charlottesville game. That doesn’t sound very much like it was his idea. It sounds like ESPN pushed him and made him afraid that he would be in some kind of trouble. Being “memed on” is a joke on the Internet because memes can’t possibly hurt you. Instead of rolling with the guy’s name (which is of Asian origin, it’s not as if he’s related to General Lee), they’re giving into the left wing nutjobs who would try to make a big deal out of it.

The lefties have been infecting sports and ESPN for a long time, but finally we have some solid proof that they’re a bunch of wussies.

Sports Illustrated weighs in with more info:

Lee has not responded to an interview request from Sports Illustrated and until he speaks, we can’t get any kind of clarity on how much he initiated this versus ESPN. Given Lee’s profile, it seems more than plausible that he didn’t want to deal with any fallout. He is unknown to 99.9% of the sports viewing public.


h/t The Young Cons

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