HE’S BACK! Patriots Star Player Bounces Back From Surgery…To Wrestle?! [VIDEO]

HE’S BACK! Patriots Star Player Bounces Back From Surgery…To Wrestle?! [VIDEO]

You know you’ve hit it big when New England Patriots tight end Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski makes a surprise cameo at Sunday’s WrestleMania match in Orlando. Not only did he show up on camera, but he also showed up in the ring!

As a part of the regular show, Gronkowski had a front row seat to the 4th annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal…But that’s when Jinder Mahal made the mistake of throwing a drink at the football player.

Now I realize that wrestling is fake. Yes! I said it, for those that still live in their mama’s basement. Deal with the truth.

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Okay. Now that that’s settled, lets proceed…

Mahal was ‘fighting’ in the ring with Gronkowski’s friend and former Green Bay Packer, Mojo Rawley.

Rawley was lucky enough to be one of the three men left in the ring when Gronkowski became a target of his own drink…Watch the video, you’ll understand.

Gronkowski had helped Rawley train to get ready for the match and reacted quite poorly to being doused with his own drink. So, to remedy that he entered the ring, even after being stopped by security, he continued to enter and got down in his stance to charge at Mahal.

The crowd went crazy when Gronkowski, a Patriots player, climbed into the ring to participate.

Gronkowski’s WWE appearance was a surprise because it was only four months after he underwent surgery for a herniated disc in his back. It was that injury that caused the 27 year-old to sit out the remainder of the Patriots’ postseason run to winning this year’s Super Bowl.

It’s good to see him up and around… maybe not on the field, but in a roped off ring. Maybe next season he can get back on the field and really show everyone what kind of moves he’s learned while pretending to tackle another wrestler.

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