A HUNDRED NFL Players Kneel During National Anthem In Defiance Of President Trump [VIDEO]

A HUNDRED NFL Players Kneel During National Anthem In Defiance Of President Trump [VIDEO]

Following President Trump’s controversial comments about the NFL and Kapernick-style protests, 130 National Football League players decided to kneel during the National Anthem. They didn’t do this because they were “standing up” for injustices taking place in the United States – perceived or legitimate. They did it to spite a President who expects them to respect the country that made them rich and famous.

And yet somehow, in the twisted minds of liberals, this makes Trump the bad guy.

That makes sense, right?

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Players from the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers were kneeling during the National Anthem. In the case of the Steelers, all but one player stayed in the locker room during the anthem.

The “protests” were spurred by President Donald Trump telling the NFL they need to expect their players to stand during the anthem, or be fired from the team.

The NFL hit back at Trump, with Jaguars owner Shad Kahn calling it a “privilege” to be able to support members of his team who didn’t feel like respecting our flag or our country.

“It was a privilege to stand on the sidelines with the Jacksonville Jaguars today for the playing of the U.S. national anthem at Wembley Stadium,” Kahn said. “I met with our team captains prior to the game to express my support for them, all NFL players and the league following the divisive and contentious remarks made by President Trump, and was honored to be arm in arm with them, their teammates and our coaches during our anthem.”

It should also be noted that Kahn donated $1M to Trump’s inauguration.

Arguably worse was the fact that the singer of the National Anthem at the Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons game ended the song by kneeling and raising his fist in the air.

This is childish and moronic. The NFL claims to be about “unity” and says that politics is “divisive,” and then they go out of their way to take an extremely divisive stance (a knee, ironically) on the National Anthem.

Oh sure, they’ll say that they didn’t kneel to disrespect the flag or the anthem, but if that were the case, then why aren’t they making their statements off the field as well? I haven’t seen anything from any of these players that even attempted to try to improve the plight of African Americans in America.

This was a giant middle finger to the President and anyone who thinks the way that he does. It’s unbelievably disrespectful and something tells me their ratings will suffer for it.

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