Jerry Brown Cracks Down on Football Practice

No one should be surprised to see California’s infamous Governor Moonbeam take a leading role in further wimpifying America by wimpifying sports:

Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday that he has signed a bill limiting full-contact football practices at middle and high schools in response to concerns about concussions, even as many teams already comply with the rules.

That is, a law isn’t even necessary, since schools are reducing practice anyway due to the general metrosexualization of our culture. But coercion is an end in itself for Democrats.

Under the legislation taking effect in 2015, drills involving game-speed tackling are prohibited in the offseason. They are limited to 90-minute sessions twice a week the rest of the year. The rules apply to public, private and charter schools.

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Big Government now tells football teams how many minutes per week they are allowed to practice, even if they play for private schools. We let it reach this point, yet we still call ourselves Americans.

Some lawmakers questioned whether the issue merits state regulation and whether the proposal puts students at a competitive disadvantage when competing against students in other states.

Actually, some other states have even more repressive restrictions on football practice. California hardly holds a monopoly on nanny state authoritarianism. But no doubt someone in Washington is planning federal legislation, just to be fair.

Why do liberal politicians want us to be as unmanly as possible? I’ll answer that question with another: What kind of man would vote for someone like Jerry Brown?

He might run for president, by the way. If Obama is presidential material, why not Governor Moonbeam?

Jerry Brown
Creating an America fit to be ruled by libs like himself.

On a tip from Shawn R. Hat tip: Barstool Sports. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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