Jesse Jackson Calls On NFL Players To Escalate Their Protests

Jesse Jackson Calls On NFL Players To Escalate Their Protests

I didn’t think I could possibly like the Reverend Jesse Jackson any less than I do, but today is just full of surprises. Other than the asshats of the Houston Texans yesterday, most of the NFL protests were scaled way back. If Jackson gets his way, it won’t be that way for long. Speaking to the Houston Chronicle on Sunday, Jackson said, “The players should escalate their nonviolent protests. Donald Trump called them ‘sons of bitches.’ (Colin) Kaepernick is not degrading the flag. He’s kneeling to pray, which is in our best tradition. If we had not knelt and prayed nonviolently, where would we be today as a society?” Oh, bull feces. Kaepernick is not kneeling to pray. He’s facing the wrong way for Mecca. And what Jackson really wants… just can’t wait to see… is violence, regardless of what he says.

All of this came to pass after Texans Owner Bob McNair made disparaging comments about the players last Friday. During that meeting, McNair mangled the saying, “can’t let the inmates run the asylum.” Saying instead, that you “can’t let the inmates run the prison.” He eventually apologized for the reference, but it gave ammo to the leftists and militant black nationalists unfortunately. This didn’t sit well with NFL Executive Vice President of Operations Troy Vincent either, who took offense to those comments. Nor did it make the union or the NAACP happy.

Jackson just couldn’t wait to jump in on this as well. He said that McNair’s comments were indicative of a “plantation mentality.” Seriously? Everything is not about race and since most of the NFL is black, this is a moronic take on all of this. “The players are objectified in a sense,” Jackson said. “Mr. McNair is a product of the South. They act like he’s a victim or misunderstood, but those players have made him a wealthy man.” Black politicians (Sheila Jackson Lee for one) are now running with this narrative. These players are multi-millionaires. They are not oppressed or objectified. They are spoiled, entitled racists.

McNair was a wealthy man long before he bought this good-for-nothing team. That’s how he could afford to buy them in the first place. If I were him (and it’s a good thing I’m not), I’d fire the lot of them. I’d sideline the team for the whole season if I had to. Jackson said he believed McNair should get sanctioned by the NFL for his comments. Jackson should keep his nose out of other people’s business. McNair has officially apologized at least twice for his comments. His team, the Texans, staged a massive protest against him on Sunday regardless. It was beyond shameful.

Jackson is offended that neither McNair or Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have responded to him. I’m not surprised they haven’t. Why would you? And Jackson can just shut his pie hole about the south. What an ass. Jackson is looking for publicity and a payday out of this. Bonus if he starts some sort of revolution.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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