Keep disrespecting the flag, NFL: ‘Monday Night Football’ Ratings Fall To Season Low

Keep disrespecting the flag, NFL: ‘Monday Night Football’ Ratings Fall To Season Low

The National Football League is on a sinking ship and instead of bailing out the water, they’re trying to pretend as if nothing is happening. It’s a tactic that has never worked and will never work, yet they’re going with it because their pride won’t allow them to admit that perhaps alienating a large portion of their audience was probably not a good idea.

Now, the NFL is making history in a very bad way, with cratering viewership and no light at the end of the tunnel.

This week’s Monday Night Football only managed to scrape in a 6.1 in metered market results.

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The week 6 ratings are down a spectacular 13% from early numbers and delivered a 3.7 rating among adults 18-49 and a sad total viewership of 10.3 million.

Things are looking pretty bad for the NFL, who only continue to see backlash in the wake of allowing their employees to kneel for the National Anthem, which is seen as disrespectful to the country.

I can’t honestly say that I feel bad for them either. They brought this on themselves by continuing to allow an action with which their audience disagreed. Whether it’s right or wrong, perception is everything and if what you’re doing is perceived as bad, it can have some nasty side effects. That’s what happens in a free market system. (The same system that the NFL has taken advantage of for years, I might add.)

These players who are kneeling may have legitimate grievances that they would like to address publicly, but after a large number of players took a knee to protest the President, the entire movement went out the window. Kneeling is now seen as a protest of the President and his fans are perfectly okay with choosing the President over Monday night entertainment.

It has been reported that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is going to be discussing the matter with the teams and they will be reaching a decision shortly, but if it is anything other than, “You must stand for the anthem or be penalized,” people are not going to be happy. They don’t want to see some rich athlete complain that the country that has given them so many opportunities is not good enough all of the sudden because the media is hyping violence for views.

And that’s what this all comes down to. If the media wasn’t so hell-bent on pushing the narrative, we wouldn’t even be in this situation.

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