Louisiana Bar Will No Longer Show Saints Game After Sunday Protests

Louisiana Bar Will No Longer Show Saints Game After Sunday Protests

More blowback from the kneel-fest that was this last weekend in football. The New Orleans Saints were one of the teams that had a number of players kneel. Afterwards, quite a few fans burned jerseys and merchandise and swore off the team forever. Fine… the team has a right to protest and pay homage to Black Lives Matter, while they flip the bird at America, but fans also have a right to boycott them. And one particular bar in New Orleans also has the right to not show their games on their TV screens. WOW Cafe & Wingery in St. Bernard Parish just announced on their Facebook page that they will not be televising the Saints upcoming game against the Panthers on Sunday.

Brook Songy Anastasiadis is the owner of the business and she wrote, “I apologize to all of our guests but we will not be viewing the Saints game today in house. Some of our local players chose to sit during the National Anthem, which will not be supported or praised at WOW. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you.” Good for her. Of course, reactions rolled in and some were negative. One commenter on Facebook said, “You fail to understand the real issue. It’s not about the military or the flags. Don’t you think these very men have military members in their families that they honor and respect. Shame on you for avoiding the real issues. You will never get my business.” I’m sure that breaks her heart… not.

But there was positive feedback as well. One person said they would undertake a road trip just to visit the bar, “Coming from Atlanta just to visit your establishment.” I would too, if I were anywhere near there. And that wasn’t the only person either to say something like that, “We live out of town but will now make it a priority to eat here whenever we pass through. Thank you for standing for our heros and not misguided millionaires.” I’ll bet business will boom for this bar. You watch.

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There was more… another commenter said, “Congrats on being The Kind of America we need.!!!!” Ditto on that one. Others said they would be customers for life after this, “yall have a new customer for life, thanks for not playing the game.” More chimed in, “Thank you for Standing for our Veterans. We are ready for a road trip to your restaurant. See you soon.” The owner demured: “A spokesman for Anastasiadis, Ray Sutherlin, said it was not her intention to “start a firestorm, she simply did what she felt was right.””

The spokesman for the bar pointed out that freedom and rights are a two-way street. Exactly. The players are individually and collectively exercising their rights and now the fans and businesses will as well. Payback can be a b*tch boys. Buckle up. This bar is simply exercising their rights too and more will follow them. The spokesman said, “the players exercised their right not to stand for the National Anthem and she exercised her right not to air the game because of their actions. The freedom goes both ways.”

Anastasiadis concluded her message by saying, “We won’t ever all agree on these sensitive topics and I understand that, I strongly believe in the support of our country, our flag, the military, the National Anthem and I always will.” This lady has guts and the courage of her convictions. I would be honored to visit her establishment any time. This could hurt her financially… but it’s about more than money. Anastasiadis is a true patriot.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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