MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL FAIL! ESPN Cuts To Commercial During Anthem – Fans OUTRAGED!

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL FAIL! ESPN Cuts To Commercial During Anthem – Fans OUTRAGED!

Monday Night Football might be getting back to normal, but ESPN isn’t having any of it.

During last night’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears, attendees were treated to a rare sight: During the National Anthem, every player from both teams stood up. No kneeling, no hysterics, no waiting in the locker room, just doing what they’ve always done.

This is newsworthy for two reasons: One, that some teams are finally acting sensibly again and two… ESPN cut its broadcast off during the National Anthem so viewers at home had no idea that the players were standing. In a world full of social media, there’s no point in trying to cover that up and people attending the game had to let everyone else know what was happening. It looks like the broadcasters had all decided together to cut the anthem from their broadcasts.

So far, both the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins have released statements from their owners saying that players who “disrespect” the flag during the anthem will no longer see play time.

The Dolphins have been making a bit too much news lately. While it’s nice that fake black guy Shaun King is angrily tweeting that “The Miami Dolphins forced their players to stand for the anthem today,” it was funnier back in August when the team decided to bring a 34 year-old player back from retirement instead of taking Colin Kaepernick. Quarterback Jay Cutler signed a one-year contract with the team in a deal worth at least $3 million. In the between time, Cutler had been working at Fox Sports as an analyst.

Miami is more concerned with the trouble caused by their offensive line coach, Chris Foerster, who shot a video of himself snorting lines of white powder while saying lewd things. He sent the video to his stripper who then posted it on Facebook with a short rant touching on minority players in the league, the National Anthem and dog fights. Foerster was confirmed by the Dolphins to be the one in the video and he’s currently being investigated.

Even with ESPN blocking the broadcasts, it’s nice to hear that at least four teams, the Dolphins, the Bears, the Vikings and the Cowboys will be getting things back to normal during their pregames. It’s about time everyone gets back to focusing on the games themselves. Trump is right, ESPN will keep being losers unless they get back to their job of focusing on sports.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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