NFL Commentators Ask Team Owners To Prove They Got Guts And Stand-Up To Trump [VIDEO]

NFL Commentators Ask Team Owners To Prove They Got Guts And Stand-Up To Trump [VIDEO]

Sports! Now, with extra politics!

Sports anchors, who should really be spending their time on reporting football and baseball scores and making predictions on the newly-opened NHL season, are now calling on NFL owners to respond to Trump’s tweets from this weekend. If you decided to spend the weekend outdoors and away from the insanity of the left-wing offendatrons, then you may have missed Trump’s call-out against NFL players taking a knee during the anthem. You also may have missed the disgraceful display of players from the Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers kneeling during the National Anthem, with a very notable exception.

With players making a bigger splash by having tantrums over the anthem than anything else they’re accomplishing on the field, the talking heads of sports are now trying to get the franchise owners and other officials to weigh in on the situation. The franchise owners are losing their audience every second as Americans turn off the lefties at ESPN and who don’t want to pay hundreds to watch a game where the players start off by disrespecting their country.

You can see here where Terry Bradshaw takes a swipe at Trump, saying that he’s “not sure” if the President understands the Constitution.

Hey Terry… stick to sports. Please. There’s umpteen million other places where we can get politics, please just stick to sports.

James Brown from CBS’ NFL Today said “To be dismissive, vulgar and divisive with comments that reflect a lack of understanding, insensitive, and indeed colonizing does not serve the purpose of trying to honestly resolve problems…” in response to Trump and former quarterback Boomer Esiason said Trump’s targeting of the NFL has finally brought unity between the owners and players.

The players are getting in on the action to rail against Trump. Minnesota Vikings running back Bishop Sankey tweeted, “It’s a shame and disgrace when you have the President of the US calling citizens of the country sons of a b***h.”

With ratings dropping and a new trend emerging of longtime fans burning their jerseys on social media, I don’t think that the franchise owners will come out against Trump the same way that the players and talking heads are doing so.

If you’re interested, here’s a list of NFL owners who donated money to Donald Trump’s campaigns and Inauguration Committee, according to the Federal Election Commission.

  • Houston Texans, Robert McNair
  • Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam
  • Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones
  • Jacksonville Jaguars, Shahid Khan
  • Los Angeles Rams, Stan Kroenke
  • New England Patriots, Robert Kraft
  • New York Jets, Woody Johnson
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Edward Glazer
  • Washington Redskins, Daniel Snyder

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