NFL Green Bay Packer HONORS Our Fallen Blue Lives Right On The Field!

NFL Green Bay Packer HONORS Our Fallen Blue Lives Right On The Field!

Now, this is the kind of player we all respect and love to watch. Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix honored four police officers who died in the line of duty during Sunday night’s preseason game by putting their names on his cleats. While others are busy sitting on their asses during the National Anthem, Clinton-Dix is showing his love for America and his respect for four officers who were gunned down in Florida where he was raised. Good for him.

He’s a criminal justice major and obviously is clear on the difference between right and wrong, and exactly who the good guys are vs. the bad guys. Clinton-Dix does the Green Bay Packers proud and Americans love him for it. He calls the officers angels… he may just be one himself. Race shouldn’t divide us when determining the difference between heroes and criminals. No one should be targeted and executed simply because of the color of their skin or the color of their uniform.

From NBC Sports:

Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix made a statement in support of fallen police officers during Sunday night’s preseason game.

Clinton-Dix wrote the names of four police officers who have died in the line of duty on his shoes. Clinton-Dix said on Twitter that he wanted the families of heroes that he wanted them to know they had his support.

The four officers Clinton-Dix recognized were Matt Baxter and Sam Howard of the Kissimmee, Florida, Police Department, who were shot on Friday, as well as Orlando Police Sgt. Debra Clayton, who was shot in December, and Orange County Sheriff’s Officer Norman Lewis, who was killed when his car crashed in the manhunt for Clayton’s killer. All four are from the area of Florida where Clinton-Dix was raised.

Clinton-Dix was a criminal justice major during his three years playing football at Alabama and is continuing to work on his degree in the offseasons.

“Added 2 more angels to my cleats in respect to families who loss Two HEROS in the communities. #SAMHOWARD #MATTHEWBAXTER #RIP,” Clinton-Dix tweeted ahead of the game. The two recently added names were of Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter of the Kissimmee Police Department. Howard and Baxter were fatally shot Friday night. Both of these officers were married. Baxter leaves behind four children and Howard leaves behind one. Just beyond sad.

Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton, who was shot and killed in January, and Orange County Deputy Sheriff Norman Lewis, who died in a car crash during the ensuing manhunt for Clayton’s killer, are also named on Clinton-Dix’s cleats. Over the weekend, Clinton-Dix retweeted photos of a growing memorial at the Kissimmee Police Department for Baxter and Howard. This is a genuinely good guy… I’d take one of Clinton-Dix over a thousand Kaepernicks. Just sayin’.

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