NFL Threatens to Deny Texas Super Bowl if Boys Are Not Allowed in Girls’ Bathrooms

NFL Threatens to Deny Texas Super Bowl if Boys Are Not Allowed in Girls’ Bathrooms

The NFL’s moonbat commissioner Roger Goodell must have thought that the league’s patriotic, right of center fan base didn’t get the message after he poked it in the eye by encouraging the anti-American antics of Colin Kaepernick and his imitators. So now he gouges the other eye:

The NFL sharpened its warning to Texas on Friday about a “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people, suggesting for the first time that the football-crazed state could miss out on hosting another Super Bowl if the proposal is enacted.

“If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law there, that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in response to an email question about the Texas bill.

“Discriminatory” means inconsistent with the radical left’s agenda. This agenda comprises the NFL’s “values.”

I tried to get my head around the arrogance of Goodell and the rest of the leftist kooks who run the NFL trying to dictate to the entire state of Texas that boys must be allowed to invade girls’ bathrooms, but it just can’t be done.

The supposedly controversial bill simply requires people to use facilities consistent with the sex on their birth certificate. Only in some sleazy and depraved version of the Twilight Zone could such a bill be necessary, but that’s where we find ourselves, thanks to liberal hegemony.

At the very least until Goodell is out of there.

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