Patriots Player Makes Announcement About White House Visit [VIDEO]

Patriots Player Makes Announcement About White House Visit [VIDEO]

This is simply disgraceful. I was rooting for the New England Patriots this weekend and they won in a glorious match where they overcame a 25-point deficit and Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl title. That means they will be going to the White House to meet with the President. All of them accept Patriot’s tight end Martellus Bennett, who says he’ll be boycotting the trip. His loss. I’m sure President Trump and Tom Brady will have a fantastic time together.

We can’t just enjoy sports anymore and keep politics out of it evidently. And reverence for the office of the Presidency is out the window for some of these jerks. Many players went to meet with President Obama that did not care for his politics. It was an honor to be invited to the White House. Now, a man who thinks he’s all that after winning a football game, gets on national TV with his baby girl and says nope, not going and figuratively flips off the President of the United States.


From Allen West:

Well, the shenanigans continue from the left. This weekend we were treated to vitriol and hatred over the the New England Patriots and their “whiteness,” along with continued protests over President Trump’s travel order (now under a temporary stay).

Football should be “just a game” but of course we know that’s not the case, since it’s so interwoven into the fabric of our nation and has of late become a soapbox for players to express their political beliefs.

Now stepping up to the soapbox is Patriot’s tight end Martellus Bennett, who says he’ll be boycotting the traditional trip to the White House to meet with the president to celebrate this victory.

“I’m not going to go,” the tight end said in a postgame interview, per the Huffington Post, following the Patriots’ historic win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. The team overcame a 25-point deficit, the largest in Super Bowl history. It was also the first time the big game had run into overtime.

Asked why, Bennett responded, “It is what it is. People know how I feel about it. Just follow me on Twitter.”

Bennett claims people should accept others for who they are and yet he does a crappy job of living what he preaches. He’s advertising this isn’t his White House visit and he’s ducking Donald Trump. So very brave… not. He’s a rabid Hillary Clinton supporter, so that explains most of it right there. He’s a deep, deep thinker though: “So Kanye didn’t take the time to vote. And now he holding on to Trump’s coattail like Peter Pettigrew to Lord Voldemort. Kanye Pettigrew.”

On election night he posted on Instagram: “If you decide to move to outer space after tonight’s election, I may or may not have room on my spaceship so state your case in my comments. #theimaginationagency #FieldTripWithMarty #IWannaGo #DamnBro #imwithher.” Hey, my friend… don’t let us stop you. Seriously.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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