Ravens CAVE, Send Letter To Their Fans Admitting Anthem Protests Are Hurting! [VIDEO]

Ravens CAVE, Send Letter To Their Fans Admitting Anthem Protests Are Hurting! [VIDEO]

It looks like the NFL is bleeding money. This is what happens when you kowtow to narratives that are false and radical, leftist authoritarian rhetoric.

Most NFL teams are content with ignoring the consequences of the protests and how they are affecting the bottom line. The Ravens, on the other hand, are out there begging for fans to come back to the games. The Ravens sent a letter to their season-ticket holders and sponsors saying there are too many empty seats at M&T Bank Stadium. The letter blames the anthem protests as one of the factors causing all the fans boycotting the games.

Ravens President Dick Cass wrote, “The numbers [of no-shows] are higher, and it is noticeable. There are a number of reasons for the no-shows, but surely the one-time protest in London has been a factor.”

The Ravens first protested the anthem while playing in London, which makes no sense. The anthem was written during a war the United States had with England. But that is beside the point, NFL players aren’t known for their brains, only their brawn. The Ravens were in London playing the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 3 of the season, which was about the time President Trump was publicly criticizing the league’s treatment of the situation.

The team took a knee again when they returned to Baltimore. The fans were not too pleased with that, as they saw it as disrespect to the nation that let them play a children’s game to become millionaires. The fans booed throughout the entire anthem, which is a little ironic seeing because that could be seen as disrespecting the anthem as well. But again, I get sidetracked easily.

Cass’ letter went on to say,

“We have responded to your concerns about the protest by re-doubling the efforts of both the organization and our players to make the Baltimore area a better community.

“We want the Ravens to continue to be a strong, unifying force and source of pride in our community. When the Ravens win, we can bring families and the community together. We’ve done that before, and we can do it again.

“In light of recent events, we are also reminded that winning alone is not always enough to make the Ravens the unifying force we want to be. We don’t take your support for granted, and we know that we must continue to earn your respect and investment in us.”

This sounds like an attempt to stop the bleeding. The participation in NFL games is down tremendously this year, with the anthem protests being a main reason people are tuning out. Other reasons are not enough cheerleaders, too many commercials and too much Papa John’s pizza. I made those last ones up.

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