Republican Rep: My Bill Would Stop Tax Dollars From Subsidizing the NFL

Republican Rep: My Bill Would Stop Tax Dollars From Subsidizing the NFL

The NFL and it’s employees have been going on about their protests for over year, and it doesn’t have any signs of stopping just yet. It went through a whole bunch of forms, starting with BLM, then moving on to hating the police and calling them murderers, now its about racial injustice. Where is it going to next?

What has all of this confusion done for their numerous causes? Well, it’s made the folks in the stands and on the TV very pissed. So much so that their ratings have been at an embarrassing low for the NFL.

I think the word is ‘overgeneralized’. That’s what all the protests amount too. What good is kneeling doing? None. It doesn’t inspire, it divides and kneeling for out nation’s anthem is not the best way to get people to listen to you. It just looks plain douchey.

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But do you know what? If the NFL and their overpaid players want to protest…so can we and I can guarantee, the protesting that we can do is going to hurt them even more than taking a silly knee and watching their ratings drop – it’s crippling.

Did you realize that the NFL is part of the tax-exempt list of organizations? If you knew, did you ever wonder why that is? Well, here is a brief history lesson why that is so.

That tax-exempt status for the league all started back in 1942. The Commissioner at the time, Pete Rozelle, was crying about getting the NFL’s tax exemption and then making sure that it didn’t change. At the same time, two Democrat politicians from Louisiana were trying to get hooked up with their own football team.

Do you see where I’m going with this? The swamp has been in full effect for a very long time, because an unholy alliance was born. It was Hale Boggs, D-LA and Russell Long, D-LA, who made that tax-exempt status permanent.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the New Orleans Saints where born…the devil’s turds. Okay, that last part was just low.

Now that you know how the NFL organization avoids its taxes, now is the time to petition that they – a private business – end their dodgy behavior. It is your tax money that gets misused and wasted on building their giant extravagant stadiums most times through increased taxes and of course, bond financing schemes. Just in the past 10 years, $7 billion of your dollars have gone to building these.

Rep. Matt Gaetz is on the move and has offered his sponsorship of H.R. 296 – the PRO Sports Act. This means if leagues are making over $10 million annually, they can kiss their exempt status goodbye…and my guess is there ain’t many that are making less than that.

So please, don’t be the NFL’s taxed lackeys. Demand that they stop skipping out on their bill.

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