Sheriff Clarke Gives It To Them Straight – Goes On Air To Speak On Anthem Protests [VIDEO]

Sheriff Clarke Gives It To Them Straight – Goes On Air To Speak On Anthem Protests [VIDEO]

This past Thursday on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, the always wise Sheriff David Clarke told host Sean Hannity that he believes the NFL players are “paid to play football, not to protest.”

Of course that comment mirrors how much of the nation is feeling about the ongoing toddler tantrums thrown by wealthy grown men who get paid to play a game. Over and over again we hear that it’s “not about the flag or the anthem.” Which is obviously not true since the so-called protests take place during the anthem. A protest that isn’t about the anthem would be undertaken at a time when the anthem isn’t being played. No one is fooled by this. It IS about the flag and anthem, that is exactly what Colin Kaepernick, the bitter angry unemployed former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, said his protests were about. So, any attempt to separate these protests from the anthem and the flag are simply ludicrous.

Sheriff Clarke continued his commentary, saying, “It takes approximately two minutes and 12 seconds to sing the national anthem. If the players can’t stand at attention, I’m not even saying they have to put their hands over their hearts, stand at attention, face the flag for two minutes and 12 seconds, it means they’re undisciplined.”

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And furthermore, he said, “Roger Goodell has lost control of this thing. Now he’s afraid. He’s afraid that if he imposes a policy that they have to stand attention and face the flag they won’t do it and then the question becomes, ‘Now what?’”

Sheriff Clarke is exactly right. These players are employees. And the owners, along with the Commissioner, are allowing them to run the league and do whatever they want. At work, on the clock, the boss makes the rules for the employees. Yes, we all have the right to speak out or protest. But we don’t have that right while at work unless somehow, our job is as a political activist. Can we imagine if bankers decided they would leave their stations and go protest, or if emergency room personnel decided to take a knee when they were supposed to be administering life saving treatment? What if our waitress took a knee instead of serving our food while it was hot? The two minutes of the National Anthem belong to the owners of the teams, not to the players. The owners are paying these players to adhere to a certain protocol and disrepecting the flag isn’t part of it.

As Hannity said, Americans fought, bled and died to provide us our freedom in this great nation. And using that freedom to effectively flip the bird to those who served is despicable. If they hate America so much, there are plenty of other nations out there. Oh, right, none of them will actually pay these guys millions to play a game. Looks like they’ll be staying. So, they’d better get control of their actions.

As retired pitching ace Curt Schilling said on Watters’ World Saturday night, “When you’re employed by somebody else, they get to make the rules.” Indeed they do. Time for the players who are being rude, to grow up and obey the boss. And if they can’t, they are plenty of young players who’d be happy to replace them.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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